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Wez Characters Talk Code Books

Hello there. Please remove your shoes and come on in. Help yourself to freshly baked cookies and post-apocalyptic coffee. Take a seat on this pile of books.

I am wez. I like bash scripts, zombie apocalypse and roguelike games. A good red wine is also appreciated.

When I am not online with my turtle-like mobile broadband, I enjoy music and reading books or watching some horror or sci-fi film, or coding something in Python, or exercising. I am pretty lazy but do my part to keep fit for the coming zombie apocalypse.

My favorite number is red, I prefer tiling window managers, vegetables and fruit, chocolate and industrial or metal. I bake a good muffin too. Gotta have muffins for that apocalypse.

I am described as minimalist, practicalist, esorticist, nihilist, hackerist.

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