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Evil Spencer, military

An ex special ops who lost his memory during a fatal blow in the second year after the outbreak, lost in a downward spiral for many years thereafter, reawakened and fuelled to discover his past.

Jessica Bromwich, scientist

A medical trainee prior to the outbreak, she hunkered down in fear and stayed out of sight. After years of studying poetry books in dark classrooms and empty school yards, she realized what all the great poets so surruptitiously hinted at: fight the zombies!


I support Survivor-Zombie Imbalance and thus run a zombie character too.

chunks of meat

I have a zombie character in the city of Borehamwood. Since zombification is permanent there and there are no humans around to eat, I live a quiet life shambling through parks and cemetaries, smelling flowers and pretending to ride the swings. Once I thought I saw a human, but it turned out to be a large spider. I ate it, it did not taste the same. Ah the memories.

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This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.
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