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Zombie characters say that survivors have more advantages than them. If anything benefits survivors they expect some zombie thing that can counter it. This article is to highlight how they have an unbalanced advantage.

Advantages starting out

Zombies start the game with Vigour Mortis which gives them the ability to start getting xp with no trouble. They can already break barricades and kill survivors with no trouble. (Yes I have had a zombie character)

Survivors have to find a reliably vsb building to hide in when they start the game. In addition, they must acquire free running before they can find ammunition or useful supplies. When I started an account as a private I started outside some building, wandering around until I found a vsb church where I stayed for a while, searching for something useful. Finally I decided to use my pistol. Luckily I managed to get free running. Unless you're a firefighter ( tried an account as that too) you have to find items or inflict low damage. I also tried a scientific character, but the majority of zombies were already scanned.

So zombies simply have an advantage starting out.


A lot of zombies say that there are more survivors than zombies. From this, they claim survivors are more sucessful.

Here's the stats

Active Characters : 24245

Standing Survivors : 9803 (51%)

Standing Zombies : 9266 (49%)

Dead Bodies : 3564

Revivifying Bodies : 1612

Standing Zombie Hunters : 5747

Christmas Trees : 2

These stats don't tell everything. Those revivifying bodies may be people that have been revived zombie characters or fallen survivors. Those dead bodies could be survivors or zombies, so don't judge each faction's success with the number of characters on their side.


Zombies may say there are more survivors, but how many of those people are actually benefiting the survivor cause? I have a theory that at least 5% of survivor characters actually fight against survivors.

Zombies actually have much less troubles than survivors. The majority of pkers are people that kill survivors. survivors are also plagued by gkers whom destroy a survivor's most important resource, generators.

Zombies Have Everything Nerfed

Over the years, survivors used to have real advantages. That's until zombies got everything nerfed or changed things so they had an advantage. Here's a quick list

Survivor speech was limited to 50 people. This messed up communication in crowded places

Revives cost 10AP. This gave zombies an advantage in situations where survivors need to revive large number of people. Most significantly in mall sieges zombies got an advantage from the increased AP cost of revives

Large were fused buildings. Before, each block of a large structure was considered an independent structure. After this, once zombies break into one part of a large building such as a mall, the entire place is doomed.

Ruin. This WAS A HUGE blow to survivors. This gave zombies another advantage. Now, you have to get rid of all zombies in a building to be able to barricade/repair it. If the building has been ruined a while it will take a HUGE amount of AP to repair it. This Nerf kept Red suburbs red. Also, it completely destroyed survivor effectiveness in red suburbs. In addition ruins can break free running lanes

Zombies in a building lower barricade %'s. This also harmed all survivors.

Flesh Rot. Zombies are then able to only have zombie skills yet still be effective against survivors. Survivors however need zombie skills to be more effective. This just made it much easier to be a zombie.


As you can see, zombies have too many advantages. The next time a zombie complains about unfairness, you know they're lying.

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