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Urban Dead player, joined 6/6/09, who was eager to play the game to the best of his abilities. Hooray.

My three main characters were Jack Calahan (CDF Regular), Red Shert (Freelancer), and Sergeant Bladon (CDF Malakim)

I left the game 6/28/10, because I was tired of the pro-zombie imbalance of the game. It just isn't what it used to be, and I can tell that even by not even being there, since there are no more real sieges. It's just zombie steamroll after zombie steamroll. Goodbye.

I have made a brief reappearance starting 8/19/10 to help lead the 404-sponsored Siege of the Blackmore Building. The siege ended on 8/31/10, and I go back into retirement. Good night, Malton.

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