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DESCRIPTION: Dwight's a good looking guy, or was 20 years ago. Now his hair is receding a bit,
he's put on a few pounds and his handlebar moustache is a little outdated. But he's
fairly easy going and even in these times he's quick with a joke and a smile.

GROUP: Friends of the Featherstone Library

Dwight was a firefighter for 18 years with the MacLaverty Avenue Fire Station (#182) down
in Williamsville. He was on duty when everything went to hell in a handbasket.

Not knowing what to do next he wandered the streets of Malton in a daze watching the anarchy
and bloodshed. Somehow he ended up by the Featherstone Library in Pescodside and was taken in by
the residents there. They were playing games with little toy soldiers to pass
the time. They taught Dwight how to play and now he's hooked. Somehow taking time out to
re-enact some ancient battle helps him cope with what's happened to the world outside.

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