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I am an obsessive collector and organizer of information. I've noticed that Urban Dead is replete with groups of a variety of purposes and role-playing bents - but these groups are always organized by allegiance (zombie, survivor, or PKer), not by function. Mostly for my own amusement, I've decided to organize as many groups as I can by their role within Malton, rather than within Urban Dead. A fair amount of overlap is to be expected, and I make no distinction between active and defunct groups. I've also added a few insignificant groups for padding.

'Science and medicine'

Research organizations

Revivification services



Official military

Paramilitary and PMCs

Survivor militias

  • Honestly, there are just too goddamn many to list.


Police departments

Other municipal organizations

Businesses and clubs

Radio stations, news, and utilities

'Zombie groups'

  • Zombies cannot form groups. They are mindless corpses.