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About the Player

I'm a 23 year old dude from Orlando, FL. I've been playing MMOs for almost a decade, and I've played RPGs and Strategies almost all my life. I love anything to do with zombies, especially horror movies and alternative society, and that is what attracted me to this game. Thanks to my relaxed lifestyle I can devote a lot of time to gaming and socializing, and being able to access UD from my mobile phone means I can stay updated and involved in the action.



Private - Devon Steel

Private Devon Steel of the Marines was sent here to aid the survivors in outlasting the viral outbreak, but each day in this hell taxes his fortitude. Each day brings him closer to insanity, and to his doom.

Scout - James Dickson

James was a scout in one of the first military drops into the city, and he is the last surviving member of his squad. James wanders the city alone in hopes of surviving the outbreak.

Medic - FAK Man

Your friendly neighborhood FAK Man! If you're injured or infected and about to sleep where I am just tell me you need some healing and I'll help you out =]


NecroTech Lab Assistant - Victor Khoulitz

Professor Khoulitz is a member of the team who created the virus, and hopes to correct his mistakes by fighting against the hordes of zombies.

Doctor - Doctor FAKstein

Ok, so it's not the greatest RP name but it gets the point across XD if you're nearby and injured, and I have FAKs, I will gladly heal you as best I can =]


Consumer - DJ SwiftBeatz

The #1 DJ and radio host in the city! On a mission to re-establish his presence even during the zombie apocalypse.

Police Officer - Derrik Blackhart

Officer Blackhart was one of the most prestigious patrol officers of the city, but after the outbreak his agenda became much more self-centered in the hopes of survival.

Firefighter - Jonathan Dobson

A resident of Malton for many years and a local hero having worked for one of the Fire Departments. Jonathan is on a mission to avenge his fallen family and friends by aiding other survivors of the apocalypse.


Corpse - David Gleason

One of the creators of the virus, Gleason's hunger for power brought him to become nothing more than one of the undead horde. With the memories of his past life lingering, he rises again to unleash rage against the living.

Relations Between Characters

As an honest player, I adhere to the rules of the game and do not play my characters cooperatively. I try to keep a good distance between all of my characters and give them each different roles, and if they should ever have to pass by each other they never interact. I'd say the best way to describe Role Playing my characters is like seeing the story of Malton through the eyes of these 9 people. They all experience separate challenges and hardships, but all share the same goal of survival (save one or two exceptions).

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