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About Me

Neutral Evil
Red. Or black.
Nuke the n00bs. Or France.
Notice: This is my page.
Please review the UrbanDead Wiki Policy before telling me what I can and can't do on it. If you have a problem, calmly and courteously ask me about it on my talk page.

Templates A

Redskull.jpg Lean Mean, Deletion Machine
Xoid deletes crap at an alarming rate.
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This user is a Petrosexual.
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This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
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Xoid is currently sober.
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Xoid is a template junkie.

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Need help? Piss off.
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This undead user enjoys serenading survivors when visiting safehouses.
Zombiespy.gif Zombie Spy
Xoid may or may not be a zombie spy.


Joined: 2005-12-27 09:50:55
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Character Class: Corpse
Favorite Equipment: Flak Jacket
Favorite Weapon: Claws
Backup Weapon: Neck Lurch
Current Status: Undead
Location: Wray Heights
Current Level: 10
Kills: 7
Revives: 3
Deaths: 32
Generators: 3
Group: Feral
Anton Howard
Joined: 2005-12-28 06:07:24
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Character Class: Civilian – Cop
Favorite Equipment: Flak Jacket
Favorite Weapon: Claws
Backup Weapon: Neck Lurch
Current Status: Undead
Location: Wyke Hills
Current Level: 6
Kills: 3
Revives: 5
Deaths: 16
Generators: 2
Group: Feral or Independent
(MPD Deserter)
Joined: 2006-04-11 11:26:55
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Character Class: Civilian – Firefighter
Favorite Equipment: Flak Jacket
Favorite Weapon: Claws
Backup Weapon: N/A
Current Status: Undead
Location: Eastonwood
Current Level: 4
Kills: 2
Revives: 3
Deaths: 16
Generators: 1
Group: Independent
Nuke.jpg Don't Delete the Fucking Wiki
This user thinks the Urban Dead Wiki is full of n00bs, and is trying to save it. But still hopes the n00bs get nuked from orbit. Twice.
The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the idiots giving a free meal to the undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, they will march on the choked heart of Malton and be slaughtered mercilessly. Death will be theirs, and with it, humiliation!

My User Page Look Funny to You Boy?

That would be because you are using the abysmal, shit sucking browser that is Internet Explorer. Get an updated version of it, or get a browser that actually supports the standards of the web.

My contributions to this wiki

Stuff I have spent way too much time fixing

Other Stuff

  • Deletions. I'm responsible for a goddamned plethora of 'em.
  • Location pages. I've made some, and fixed many others.
  • Disambiguations. I've made some, and fixed many others.
  • Project UnWelcome. It will probably get deleted, but I just had to do it. The temptation was too high.


Goddamned n00bs!

Let me preface this by saying I have nothing against newbs, only n00bs. There is a difference.

In the first week I was here I came across seen more stupid, useless, and blantantly idiotic articles than there are on uncyclopedia. Do people not get the fuckin' point? There are two simple rules I wish the n00bs would follow:

  • Do…not…create…user…pages…in…the…main…name…space.
  • Nominate…unused…pages…for…deletion.

Is it that goddamned hard? Seriously, it's like dealing with a pack of heavily inbred hillbillies — especially when trying to explain to them why they shouldn't do something that is really stupid.

So it eventually got to the point where I don't even bother explaining, but I figured since the no one is informing them that they're screwing up that they'll never become anything more than a nuisance. So I give very brief messages, expecting that people who have managed to find Urban Dead and play a game on the internet, should at least have the knowledge required to use the search function.

Frankly, the main page has links to pretty much all the rules and everything we [the wiki] has to teach people about how to edit the wiki. And yet they don't seem to find any of these things. Helping people takes up valuable time that needs to be spent getting the wiki up to scratch — there are too many holes and too much mess waiting to be taken care of. If this place ever wants to be considered seriously it needs people taking care of these problems, not holding the hand of the next n00b who couldn't read the fucking manual.


A complete an utter waste of the Wiki's time.


Frankly, I'm a deletionist. I can see the writing on the wall. I mean, Jesus H. Christ, it's not like I haven't nominated over a hundred pages for speedy deletion. But inclusionists… they make me wonder why?

There is enough crap on this particular wiki just with the drama, trolling and miscellaneous stupidity, why bother voting to keep some stuff that is obsentsibly junk, just 'cause it's funny. Perhaps I'm jaded. I've seen Uncyclopedia's version of that page, this page and so on, so I've come to expect a higher level of sarcasm and general insanity before something is allowed to stay.

The real problem with humour on this wiki is that it is about a serious subject, and as such, fewer people are going to spend time improving the joke pages until they are so bat fuck insane that they'd deserve to stay, regardless of their lack of factual merit. Of course, there are notable exceptions.

The Movement to unseat Bush Amazing

Amazing, if you are reading this, don't take my vote personally. If you decided to reform, honestly reform, it would change. The only reason I've voted for your banning is because I am of the opinion that you should already have been banned, along with some of your detractors.

Frankly, if you had of calmly and courteously asked the moderators to act, instead of with your usual vitriol, you wouldn't have so many detractors.

Codename V and Rip purr

Rip purr… if this cunt isn't outright lying about having multiple accounts on the urban dead wiki, he said it in this edit, then he and his alt deserve instant perma-ban; the only alt wiki accounts that should be allowed are necessary ones, like bots, and they should be pre-announced ones at that.

If Rip purr is not an alt of the user he was claiming to be, then Rip purr is treading on seriously thin ice.

  1. Blanking a user's talk page is vandalism.
  2. Deliberately stirring controversy when he could have simply answered a the goddamned question: "Why did you blank his talk page?"
  3. Deliberately posting inflammatory remarks.
  4. (Closely tied together)
    1. Claiming to be an alt when you are not…
    2. Preemtively lying to avoid punishment

Either way, Rip purr deserves a ban. Whether he'll get it, remains to be seen.

…and now onto Codename V. This fucking retard was caught in the act of surreptiously altering links on the main page proof here and spamming many, many group's talk pages to further his agenda. Blatantly ignoring protocol. For the sheer number of spam related edits alone he should've been banned. And he gets off scot-free because there were next to no moderators online at the time and it wasn't until after the 80 or so edits that he got the warning. Long after he stopped.

Give me an A, Give me a M, Give me an A, oh fuck it. This heading is long enough already.

Whilst showing occasional signs of being a reasonable person, he usually ruins any good impression by being an insufferable cunt. He has proven himself to be ignorant of the facts time and time again, and seems to take some peverse pleasure in stirring up trouble. Scinfaxi and Co's antics are tame compared to this troll's not-so-subtle machinations.

Reasoning with Amazing is like pulling teeth; he jumps from one inane, incorrect assumption to another and spouts the exact same rhetoric over and over again. My advice: ignore him. Completely. Don't even bother reading what he writes; he rarely has anything even mildly insightful to say — 9 times out of 10 it is just another of his shit-stirring, drama inciting diatribes.

But since he's probably reading this anyway, knowing how he likes to stalk the actions of anyone who has ever had a disagreement with him…

You're a hypocrite Amazing. A machiavellian hypocrite with a persecution complex. Demanding diff links from others, and yet you somehow consider it wrong when Hagnat does the same? Griefing other players and yet you wonder why you are griefed in turn? Brewing up drama, yet you wonder why you are called a troll?

Since Grim s' verdict was clear and fulfilled the stern warning that I was supposed to receive, I'm more than willing to accept it. I. fucked. up. I'll remember that: due process, even for the infinitely detestable; even for you.

What a pity. Odd Starter decided, to let Amazing have the opportunity to rejoin. At least we'll have a year's respite from his trolling.

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