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Joined: 2005-07-28 22:06:57
Character Class: Zombie (Level 20)
Favorite Equipment: Hands
Character Profile: Urban Dead Profile
Group: None
Previous Groups: Undying Scourge, Mall Tour '07
Location/Status: Buckley Mall
Journal None

You are inside a Wiki Page converted to look like a mall/zombie magnet. The wiki page has been decorated with a single template. Also here is a zombie, known as 1up. He's been flattened by an M1 Abrams Tank. There are no generators here, nor barricades or radios.

Since your last turn:
  • Xtralife said: "Since zombies can't really express themselves well, I shall be 1up's translator." (5 minutes ago)
  • 1up groaned in a friendly manner. (4 minutes ago)
  • Xtralife said: "He says that he is pleased to meet you, and that he wants to apologize for his ragged look. He is a zombie, after all." (4 minutes ago)
  • 1up groaned soothingly. (3 minutes ago)
  • Xtralife said: "He says that he'll only eat your brains if you have an offensive or just plain stupid name." (3 minutes ago)
  • 1up groaned informatively. (2 minutes ago)
  • Xtralife said: "His favorite brains are the ones of n00bs (being soft and juicy) and the ones of veteran hunters (satisfaction of the hunt and all)." (2 minutes ago)
  • 1up groaned in a bragging manner. (1 minute ago)
  • Xtralife said: "He has been a member of the Undying Scourge, and also with the 2007 Mall Tour. He suggests that you check out the next MT." (1 minute ago)
  • 1up groaned hungrily, then left. (30 seconds ago)
  • Xtralife said: "He says that he needs to go munch on some brains, and to please excuse his absence. In the meanwhile, check out the other links on this page!" (30 seconds ago)
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.