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z3rochaos is a stupid internet handle I used to have before the outbreak in Malton. My real name is Matthew, but that's really not important. Anyone who can remember that has long passed; into memory, or our of this life.

When the outbreak began, I was a student at Malton State. Big dreams n'at, right? I wanted to be a photographer; photojournalism, really. When people started dying, I kept my head down and holed up in my parents' house in East Boundwood. Not really a bright future when all you can report on is death and all you can take pictures of it blood running in the streets, you know what I mean?

I don't know what happened to my family, but they left the house to try and get supplies one day and never came back. I hope they found some way to get out of this God-foresaken city, but deep down, I know what really happened. I pray everyday that those flesh-eating bastards or the mavericks out there killing other survivors got what was coming, and I hope it happened nice and slow.

After the stockpile of food ran out, I went searching for other survivors to meet up with and help out. I emerged into the chaos a new man. I shed off of my tentative thoughts and inhibitions about this new place where the only rule was the rule of the gun... or of the fist. The guys at the CCPD are a bunch of great chums. They'll take in almost anyone, help a guy out when he's down.

Right now I'm trying to get a name out for myself, you know? I guess those dreams of glory and fame die hard, even in a hellhole like Malton. I try to keep out of trouble; I'm better sutied for gathering information and looking for safehouses than blasting deadheads... but don't get me wrong, sometimes a guy's gotta do, you know? But information's my passion. And I'm always looking into ways to get it.

So, fellow survivor, stay safe, and if you're ever in East Boundwood or anywhere in that area, don't be a stranger.

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Currently none. Loose affiliation with random Challenger Crescent Police Department survivors in East Boundwood.

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