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Zack Howland
First died: 2007-02-27
Favorite attack: hands and teeth
Profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: alive and killing
Group: dead for hire
Stats: Level 42

Martini.jpg Sobriety
Zack Howland is currently tanked

Zack Howland is a supporter of the Libertarian cause, but is still looking for other viable solutions to mankinds apparent lack of freedom.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.

Zack Howland

I support

  • Lebende Tote
  • Ridleybank Resistance Front

Who I Am
I'm a zombie with one goal, and that is to eventually collect the entire dinette set of all the greatest Disney movies. In order to attain my goal, I must kill all the harmanz. For the moment though, I am for hire, to anyone who is willing to give me something a little to do!

What some people have said about me!!

  • "Zack, you are an asshole"
  • "Do not revive Zack Howland, he is a Gker" (this one is especially funny)

Death List

Started June 30, 2007 (For all those that have had there faces chewed off by me!!)

  • 4got my name
  • ace remington
  • Barak Zombama (where's Hillary?)
  • Blue44
  • Cardenal
  • CD Ward
  • celticwraith
  • Ceriidwen
  • CheeseyBlockBlock
  • Coldheart3000007
  • combatrider
  • convoy51
  • Cormoran
  • David Dempsey
  • David Destruction
  • DiscoH
  • Doctor Dill
  • Durban Zed
  • El Zombi de Lucha
  • glenn777
  • HesDeadJim
  • JN 64
  • kevenp
  • Miko001
  • Mr Wig
  • Narzas8117
  • Nicole Morliere
  • ODU Chucko
  • opps ure dead
  • pigdoctor
  • punchrocker
  • quazymoto
  • ruplay2
  • Seth Pendergast
  • Sp33d
  • SPIKE41
  • Starshard
  • SteenisKing
  • Taxboy4
  • TheBeefiest
  • TubaMage
  • zombiebasterds
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