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Main Character

Name = ZakeriusIII

Class = Fireman

Profile ID = 1097668

Group = Malton Fire Department


ZakeriusIII is a typical fire fighter really, 6'ish with black hair and brown eyes. He is what you'd imagine a normal family man, pushed to extremes which is starting to show in the gray in his hair. He walks proud, axe in hand, Malton Fire Department written clean across his helmet, gas mask covering his face. He still wares his, now bloodstained, firefighter's jacket.


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Newfireaxe.jpg Axe Crazy
This user has an axe. Do not cross them.

Joining the MFD

 Splitting zombie skulls may come naturally to Axe wielding Firefighters of the MFD
 and is certainly gratifying; but it's hard work. It has to be, we believe in earning our
 beer! So Firefighters, make zeds kiss your Axe, join the MFD! -Alex DeWitt

The Malton Fire Department is currently open to any Firefighter who does not have a record of PKing. All new members receive rigorous survival and tactics training at The Academy before receiving their first assignment. There are still more Fire Stations in Malton than active duty Firefighters, and we eventually would like a fire team in every one. Opportunities for advancement abound, apply on the Join the MFD thread! Be sure to include a link to your profile and your current location please.

EMTs needed!!! Doctors and Medics who wish to assist in the Departments efforts to aid survivors should see the Malton Emergency Medical Service for information. Others can visit the other groups within the DEM for oportunities.

Other Characters

Zakerius, PeakInTime and PeakInTime2 are all alternate characters, all of my chars are around the same level (Lvl.10-20) and active around the same times. I am all pro-survivor, pkers and zeds beware ;)

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