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Zaq is a new medic recruit constantly muttering "Where the heck are the first aid kits around here!"

Zaq is associated with The Randoms in Buttonville.

Recently, he has been successfully searching for first aid kits in Buckley Mall and sneaking up to West Grayside where the battles are fierce and there are many survivors in need of healing. Finally, after patching up 70 wounds, he's figured out how to diagnose who is most in need of healing.


On his first night, Zaq was happy to find a strongly barricaded building to hide for the night. Unfortunately, in the morning it was extremely heavily barricaded. And when he wandered out to look for survivors to help, he couldn't find any place new to hide before falling asleep. Next morning he was dead. He no longer remembers where that was, but thanks Astarte Townshend for reviving him at the Cosh Motel.

He made his way over to Buttonville to work with the Randoms. Unfortunately, there was only one hospital in the neighborhood which was heavily barricaded. So, he could not find any first aid kits and was feeling useless. Nearby in Wyke Hills, Julie General Hospital seemed safe and had lights on. There wounded people were coming in as fast as he could find first aid kits.

Then, on 8 May, Zombies got into Julie General and smashed the generator and generally caused havoc. Seeking safer ground, he headed east. In Hollomstown, he found another safe appearing hospital with lights on. Next morning Zombies breached and smashed the generator. He continued east until he reached Scarletwood.

In Scarletwood, the Garniss Border Patrol is strong and well organized. There are other smaller organizations. Many survivors were in the buildings. Everyone was well attended to and no one seemed to need healing.

Unfortunately, the day he arrived a large zombie hoard attacked the north end of the neighborhood. Does trouble follow poor Zaq? Still, the well organized survivors seemed to be keep the situation under control. Zaq almost filled a shopping cart full of first aid kits. Then the news came that a Necronet building nearby was breach by Zombies. The next day on May 18 the horde, though smaller had gotten inside the hospital next door. It was time to leave.

Making his way out of Scarletwood back west. Zaq saw zombies everywhere -- 1 here, 7 there. Doors to most buildings were wide open. If he went inside to close the doors, zombies were inside. Working his way across south East Grayside on May 18th, he didn't see a single survivor, but 20 zombies. He was all alone and getting tired. To his amazement, he found the Angerstein Building still had some barricades. Nervously, he entered and managed to rest up. A survivor came in infected and badly wounded. He patched up the survivor, but this made him nervous. It was just a matter of time before the zombies took down the barricades and came for them. Zaq had already seen that there were zombies inside the hospital, fire station, and bar nearby. An escape would require a long run.

Then it happened. The zombies breached. Zaq wasn't well rested so had to take his chances. He knew there was a police station to the NW and headed that way with fingers crossed that a building nearby in West Grayside would be safer.

To his relief, there were several survivors in Dampney Grove Police Dept. But they were a mess. Zaq used up nearly all of his first aid kits patching these poor people up. They were keeping the barricades up. So, he was safe for now. Unfortunately, no more first aid kits meant he couldn't patch anyone else up. Pole Mall isn't too far to the west though. That was his next stop.

Some survivors in West Grayside talk gleefully of hosting the World Cup in Clapton Stadium right next to Pole Mall. But both places are hard to defend and sites of constant battles.

The good news was 2/3 of Pole Mall was heavily barricaded. The bad news was the doors were open in the NW corner. Zaq closed them, but this never lasts long. Zaq searched the drugstore briefly, but a Zombie broke in and attacked him among others. A couple of survivors died that evening. Zaq had to escape to Purt Walk Fire Station in Kemperstown where he safely spent the night.

The morning of May 20th, Zaq made his way South on the line between Kinch Heights and West Grayside. He spotted 42 zombies on that short trip with lots of buildings wide open. This is not a safe place!

Zaq made his way into Buttonville which was very safe during the following week. Between reporting on conditions to the Randoms he searched for first aid kits mostly in the mall and occaisionally snuck back into West Grayside to help heal folks. Finally, after successfully patching up 70 wounds and wasting time with at least as many people who didn't need patching, he is able to properly diagnose wounds to tell who most needs his help.

On 28-May, Zaq tried to take part in a scouting mission in Kinch Heights with the Randoms. Unfortunately, in his attempt to be meticulous, he missed the window for reporting. Doh. Live 'n learn.

On 30-May, Zaq went back into Buckley Mall to replenish his first aid kit supply. While searching, he got distracted, which for the last week and a half were safe things to do. Unfortunately, an organized small mob of zombies breached the mall and killed everyone in the area including Zaq. Fortunately, Jaybe J of the Bakers of the Apocalypse, a Random ally, revived him quite quickly.

Tip for Healing w/o Diagnosis

You've got a first aid kit, you try to heal someone, but it says

Person is already at full health.

Not a problem really, but it costs an AP to find that out.

After you learn diagnosis, you'll stop wasting AP.

In the meantime, the most recent person to enter a building is listed last. Survivors most recently coming in from the cold are more likely in need of your help, while people who have rested in the building for a long time are likely already at full health. Try treating the most recent entrants (listed last) first.

Notes about finding First Aid Kits

Drawing from information on the search odds project it looks like you are typically able to find something 20% of the time when the lights are out. In hospitals, that will be either a first aid kit (~75%) or a newspaper (~25%).

It looks like, with the lights on, the probablility of finding something goes up to about 25%.

Once you learn Shopping skill, Malls are slightly better than hospitals. With shopping, you can elect to find stuff in the drugstore and get a 20% chance of finding a first aid kit. Malls are useless with out shopping because you can't find the right store. You'll find stuff, but all kinds of stuff. Also, keep in mind malls are strong zombie magnets and usually heavily barricaded. So, generally, you need Free Running before you get Shopping.

Bargain Hunting makes finding stuff in malls especially easy. It looks like about 34% chance of finding first aid kits in drug stores, probably better with lights.

To summarize

Location Probability of
finding FAK
Ave. AP to
find one
Ave. FAK found
in 50 AP
Hospital, no lights 14% 7 7
Hospital, lights 18% 6 8
Mall, Drug Store
Shopping, no Bargain
20% 5 10
Mall, Drug Store
Shopping & Bargain
34% 3 15
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