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the smelliest zombie himself poses menacingly at photobooth in Barhah Mall

"Long live the undead! Rot perpetually and exterminate everybody my undead brothers."


Zbmainiac the smellest zombie in Malton

Zbmainiac has been playing since July 2005. mainly following other groups as a feral. He went missing sometime in the fall. By taking a leave he avoided the Winter of Discontent. In February he rose again as part of a newer highly developed undead horde.
Prior to going dormant during the Winter of Discontent Zbmainic participated In Various undead operations including the Battle of Fort Perryn. He has been linked to such infamous hordes as the Deadites and Qwako Squad, and he has groaned with some of the finest
Currently, Zbmainiac is taking part in the Barhahification of Barrville, and as a member of Ridleybank Resistance Front, Reeking havoc where ordered he has gone from foraging to stalking his favored human prey.

the Battle of Blackmore is over, combined zombie forces crush pathetic Blackmore Bastard Brigade on Black Friday - 10/13/06 and again!

Victory Over Caiger! Shacknews Plants the Flag, Zbmainiac takes the historic photo

11/10/06 a day of undead victory- For the first time in Malton's history, Caiger Mall the final human-held mall has fallen completely under zombie control. Fifteen days after the first direct attack on Caiger Mall, all four corners of the mall have been completed cleared of humans, and ransacked into oblivion. we now reside in our new home celebrating VCday (Victory over Caiger)


I'm a zombie, it is a thankless fucking job with zero upside, I'm killed everyday and I do nothing but break doors and kill people, but sometimes there's booze and square dancing

on what barhah means to him

Also leader of all smelly zombies: “Silent is the Stench, Swift is the Claw" Part of the Smelly Zombie Collective, Join today!

Also veteran of the War of Living Aggression "the Cranial War" "the dead shall rise again!" part of the Rebel Undead Democratic Empire, 'gray red and green' were all mean

Grey for the brains Red for the gore Green for the team

ZNN-logo-small.png This is ZNN!
This user or group is a supporter of The Zombie News Network.

ZBmainiac-profile.jpg the pocket sized zombie

the all red undead army


"my corpse is a hammer, my claws are a sickle, and the blood of my enemies is a Red flag of victory"

My Suggestion Marks

#'''Spaminated/Annihilated with extreme [[User:Zbmainiac#My_Suggestion_Marks| prejudice]]''' REASON --~~~~

My God loves me and shares my hate of extremly stupid suggestions, he commands that I exterminate stupidity with extreme prejudice!

#'''this gets [[User:Zbmainiac#Joe_Pesci_Approved| "the Joe Pesci seal of approval"]]''' REASON --~~~~

Cause Joe Pesci doesn't fuck around and neither do I, You might just have a good Idea

Joe Pesci Approved


ZBmainiac is resurrected as a man and comes clean on the horde :

and then Kevan woke up and made it a real zombie game and all the humans did weep and be asshats as the horde killed them.

tom "Inmortalhands" rises to see ragnrok fall over Malton, Barhar for glory my legion!

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