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Zeke McLellan

I am a Fire Marshall with the Malton Fire Department. I am responsible for the SW-4 district. This includes Nixbank, Foulkes Village, Ruddlebank, New Arkham, and Old Arkham. I have initiated trusted relationships with the Deakin Alley Gang, the Last Hope, Vinny's Boys, and the Old Arkham Republic.

Comments can be left for me on my talk page.


R - Weaponsmaster.gifThe Weaponmaster Ribbon

R - Hand to Hand Specialist.gif Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon

R - Fitness.gif Fitness Ribbon

R - Sniper.gif Sniper's Ribbon

R - Community Support.gif Community Support Ribbon

R - Engineer.gif Engineer's Ribbon

R - Field Medicine.gif Field Medicine Merit

R - Scientific Achievement.gif Scientific Achievement Ribbon

R - Acquisition.gif Acquisition Ribbon

R - Recon Specialist.gif Reconnisance Specialist Merit