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Zerta is an up and rising Zombie Hunter/Bounty Hunter. He got his start not too long ago, and has progressed greatly since then. He will hunt PKer's until the last dying breath passes from his lips. He is not a well known hunter, but he intends to change that very soon.
He is very muscular with a very self loathing appearance. Wearing a Combat Jacket which has stains of flesh and gore now long departed. There are some pockets to keep miscellanious items in. A Flak Jacket underneath, again, some pockets to keep clips in, mildly damaged, but no damage that would conflict with the well being of himself. A white muscle shirt accompanied by grease stains, the usual blood stains and some sweat stains. Green Camo Jeans, under which is a hidden 6" Combat knife with a serrated side, and a razor sharp blade on the opposite sides. Black Leather Boots which are stained beyond belief, with both oil, grease and blood from curbstomping the occasional corpse to release his anger. Finally a set of Dog Tags, however there is only a sentence imprinted on each not even a name. The seemingly undamaged one had the words, "Be not guilty". On the other, which is rusted incredibly and the only way to decipher the phrase is to hold it close to your empty eyes, reads: "Be not Innocent".

Confirmed Bounty Hunting Kills

Total: 18

Gratefulltobedead (2)
Jake Bettermaker (2) (3)
Joan McCormick
Kaisuke (2)
Mr Robusto (2)
Ruben Kincaid (No longer on the Dulston Alliance's Black List)
Stand Alone Complex
veronika desnic
Whitlock WIZARD (2)

Groups and Affiliatons

Zhmini.png Bounty Hunter
Zerta is a member of Bounty Hunters Unltd.

DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance (Allied)
Zerta is a staunch supporter of the Dulston Alliance.

Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox.
Doood.jpg N00dles: The Comic
This user agrees that 9 out of 10 wiki pages need moar n00dles.


Zerta's Profile
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