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From a torn and tattered journal ...

Santlerville, 4th February 2008.

So the bash calls at the door. In the last 20 hours, we have been fighting zeds at the local hospital. Have they no decency? They broke both our generators and our only radio transmitter; the surgeons are now operating in the dark. I was caught unawares by one of the faceless undead as it smashed through a window. It lurched forward and I recall it biting me before I seeped into unconsciousness. I was lucky that a few army personnel heard the ruckus and arrived to kill the b*stard before it had a chance to feast on my brains. My wounds were tended to and I am now a survivor; not so lucky was one of the janitors. I overheard that at least 15 zombies were killed in the last day and their bodies dumped out of the building. The captain in charge has ordered that we over-barricade the building such that no more other beings may enter from the outside. From the top floor, I could see that the school and the church just down the street were ruined, likely the work of more undead. I only hope that reinforcements arrive before our last bullet is spent.

Gulsonside, 11th December 2007.

BB2 has begun to trickle in; I spied about 60 zeds outside the mall, 30 zeds in the immediate vicinity. This excludes the 30 or so zeds standing at known revive points, some of which may be rotters. Gkers have left the 4 corners without power. My brave comrades currently outnumber the drone-like zombie forces comfortably, but I fear the tide will soon turn against us. As I scribble this, we have just rebuilt the barricades which were torn down just minutes earlier. Who knows how many of them sneaked in and now stand behind the shadows, ready to sink their rotting teeth int---

Giddings, 11 January 2007.

This is a special news bulletin. Giddings mall was retaken sometime yesterday and furious unpacking occurred overnight. The shops opened this morning and highlights include pre outbreak bourbon at bargain prices and free ferris wheel rides for the young at heart. The elderly need not worry about finding their way in the dark as new lighting has been installed at Giddings. Help McZeds reopen their local outlet at Sprod Building by bringing in fresh zombie meat, which can be found aplenty in the immediate vicinity! We hope you choose Giddings Mall for your next family shopping trip!

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