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The following is the first part of a personal account by Roftwood local ZombGG [1] about the first days building up to the 1st Liberation of Hildebrand, February 2018. Catch my other works here!


February 20, 2018

GS75a Copeland Power.jpg

The factories are powered, noisey, and emitting powerful light. Pratley Road Police Department is a gold mine for guns and ammo.

For the first time in weeks, Roftwood survivors have access to fuel, portable generators, and all the weapons we could ever wish for!

GS75b Copeland Power.jpg

Inside the Copeland Building with me are two wretched creatures, those feral brain rotters Jon Lord[2] and Dr Braindead[3]. They have plaguing Roftwood post-The Great Scourgin.

GS76 JonLordpro.jpg

GS77 DrBraindeadpro.jpg

I note their position, relay the intel to my friends over at the Roftwood Coordination Center, and diligently carry forth.

The effort to take back what’s ours, our beloved homeland of Roftwood, is the latest rage.

The Scourge have finally left the burb and the feeling for us local survivors is much like the loosening of a hangman’s noose.

February 21, 2018

GS78a-1400 HerbertNN 20z.jpg

Give us Roftwood locals an inch, and we’ll take a mile!

Our most prominent NecroTech facility, the Herbert Building has been swiftly resurrected and presently stands tall, shining proudly over the crown jewel of Roftwood, Hildebrand Mall.

GS78b-1400 HerbertNN 20z.jpg

Herbert’s NecroNet reports a total of 20 zombies STILL in the area post-The Great Scourgin. The most alarming are the 12 hoarded outside Hildebrand Mall’s north-western corner.

Personally, I have not had much of an opportunity to resupply on much of anything. My primary role in the Roftwood Elite (the RCC’s special forces unit) is scout.

I am the eyes and ears (and BIG mouth xD) of the Roftwood Coordination Center.

In my mind, knowledge is power of equal calibur to a loaded gun.

In my heart, passion rages furiously. With The Scourge gone, our opportunity to reclaim Hildebrand Mall, the crown of Roftwood, has never been greater!!

The final obstacle are these 12 zombies encroaching that north-west corner. Eager to discover what this mass is made of, I embark on a scout run.

GS79a-1412 Scout1 HildeNW.jpg

GS79b-1412 Scout1 HildeNW.jpg

Immediately I recognize my fallen friend and RCC ally Charles E Winchester[4] of the powerful and comical Malton Medical Staff.

GS80 CharlesEWinpro.jpg

Seeing his corpse piled among six other dead bodies outside the north-west corner, a single tear falls from my eye.

I have never seen such a beautiful corpse! He is a symbol for the most magnificent death I could ever ask for, a death unwavering, defending my home turf til my last moment of life T_T

Presently, Hildebrand Mall stands tall, but not exactly shiny. This mob of 12 zombies is doing their damnedest to reduce our capital back to the pile of ash The Scourge left us with.

Not. Today.

For too many days have we suffered under the dark and destructive reign of those abominable Scourge and their blasted X:00 strikes. We can honorably admit GG to such an evolved fighting force, but these feral zombies? No. Way.

I dutifully report the intel and note the presence of two notorious local brain roters -

Eddie McAce[5]

GS81 EddieMcAcepro.jpg

Nemesis Jack[6]

GS82 NemesisJackpro.jpg

Little would I know til months later that these two zombies shape up to be bigger adversaries than I could have ever imagined.. But that later!

For now, I see nothing of significance in central Roftwood. Eligius General Hospital is a proud sight, populated and powered.

GS83 Scout Run.jpg

My scout run finishes in western Roftwood, inside the suburb’s only other NecroTech facility, the Greenhow Building.

GS84a-1422 GreenhowNN 22z.jpg

My emotions are rarely as contrasting as they are when I am inside a NecroTech facility. All is well in my world when I rest in a secure, powered, NecroTech building. Every fiber in my being is unnerved when I find myself harbored inside a dark one. Those uncanny leftover experiments looming all around me, sometimes an erratic blinking from somewhere in the shadows, sometimes a random beeping that is impossible to track down, sometimes no noise at all, just pure darkness and the drumming of my heartbeat... It’s all maddening and creepy and truly terrible and I don't like it even a little bit >:C

Luckily, today I have had the enormous pleasure of enjoying BOTH of Roftwood’s lovely NecroTech facilities, powered and protected :D

My class is civilian, so much of this science stuff seems near magical. I gaze in amazement as these scientists like 5fingerdiscount[7] nonchalantly vanish outside and revive our fallen Roftwood brothers and sisters at the Turpin Road revive point like some master wizardmancer!

GS85 5fingerpro.jpg

I have learned a few tricks during my quarantine here in Malton, like how to extract DNA for profiling and tagging zombies as well as how to properly use a revivification syringe.

My favorite trick is totally accessing the NecroNet <3

This is coolest, most high-tech tool I have in my arsenal :D

Wielding the latest and greatest in DNA extractor tech, and accessing a special internet tracking the locations in (good measure) of all nearby scoundrels / “specimens” tagged, I am a technoscout :3

GS84b-1422 GreenhowNN 22z.jpg

A total of 22 zombies are reported - the 12 still outside Hildebrand Mall and many others scattered in small numbers. The most interesting are the mob of 5 zombies outside the Went Building in neighboring Stanbury Village. I have my AP dedicated to business “insideRoftwood so I simply report the intel to RCC and catch some breath, restoring those much desired Action Points.

GS86a-2103 Greenhow RadioAliciaH.jpg

Catching some breath turned to a snooze. My eyes start to open and I see my awesome friend and ally Alicia Huberman[8] of the Malton Medical Staff :)

GS5 AliciaHuberman.jpg

As I begin to gather my senses, I intake the local 26.03 radio ...

GS86b-2103 Greenhow RadioAliciaH.jpg

… Aaaaand I am slapped with a newspaper :P

For real though, these radio broadcasts were not mindless banter. This was real talk. I can personally confirm this “C” character’s briefing.

It was also great to hear from the Malton Civil Defense Unit’s Commanding Officer Andy Bauer[9] and his cohort Vince Masuka[10]

GS48 AndyBauerpro.jpg

GS87 VinceMasukapro.jpg

These gentlemen are honored veterans in the RCC for the service defending Roftwood from The Scourge during The Great Scourgin of Roftwood, February 2018

It warms my heart knowing my brothers are safe, sound, and in the local area ^_^

We sure have our work cut out for us cleaning up these leftover feral zombies -_-

February 22, 2018

Nothing of much significance. I return to the Herbert Building.

GS88a HerbertNN 14z.jpg

Aaaaand I play on the NecroNet :D

GS88b HerbertNN 14z.jpg

For real though, I am dutifully reporting all movements to my friends at the Roftwood Coordination Center. This shot is of particular importance because it is the highest number of zombies congregated outside Hildebrand Mall since The Scourge departed.

Those residue feral zombies are scrounging their rememants together and are now posing quite the mob, nearly mimicking something of The Scourge’s calibur.

All is not dark. In fact, most of the suburb is very well lit, barricaded, and populated. Since the Scourge released their noose around Roftwood, I swear us local survivors have produced 3 hours of work from every 1 AP generated.

The ferals really have no place left to go. It makes sense they double down in a final effort straight for the heart and crown of Roftwood, our precious Hildebrand Mall.

The fight for liberation is on!


In this opening chapter, I watch Roftwood swiftly rebuild following the exodus of The Scourge. Most buildings are quickly powered, barricaded, and repopulated. The greatest remaining threat lies with the remement feral zombies who continue plaguing the suburb across small patches.

The most significant spot is the north-western corner of Hildebrand Mall, the crown jewel of Roftwood. As days pass, I note the mass swelling of ferals to the north-west corner in a seemingly final effort to strike at the most difficult spot for us survivors to defend during these sensitive times of recovery, our precious Hildebrand Mall.

Like most great liberations, they take patience and precision. The key elements are the preparation and architecture. With properly placed framework, execution is easy.

Unfortunately, time is of the essence and the hour for quick action is upon us. These residue zeds are hungry and dire, actively bashing into Hildebrand and making snacks of the brave defenders inside, like my good friend Charles E Winchester.

With their backs against the wall, these zombies will put on quite the ferocious performance, proving that old-school feral tactics still hold strong in today’s age of forums and Discord.

Be sure to catch the next chapter of the 1st Liberation of Hildebrand here and thanks for reading!!

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