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The following is the second part of a personal account by Roftwood local ZombGG [1] about the first days building up to the 1st Liberation of Hildebrand, February 2018. Catch my other works here!


February 23, 2018

Joy be to Roftwood!! For the first time in months, the suburb is almost entirely lit! The Great Scourgin seems like a distant memory as most buildings today find themselves enjoying the luxuries of fuel, portable generators, radio transmitters, and most importantly, a healthy Roftwood survivor population!

GS89a HerbertNN 15z.jpg

GS89b HerbertNN 15z.jpg

I begin my day my favorite way via playing on the NecroNet :D

With great haste, I raise the alarm at the Roftwood Coordination Center as the number of zombies encroaching our precious Hildebrand Mall hits a new high of 15!

I dutifully set forth to the killing field that is Hildebrand Mall’s north-west corner and conduct reconnaissance, gathering intel on our enemies -

GS90a Scout1.jpg

GS90b Scout1.jpg

The lights from the surrounding buildings powerfully illuminate the outside area. The contrast is sharp between the lively-looking buildings in the background and the massive pile of decomposing flesh hoarding outside Hildebrand Mall’s north-west corner.

My ZedDex helps me recognize 6 of the 15 zombies. I report to the RCC the typical local brain rotters tim67[2], Zuma[3], and that royal nuissance, Eddie McAce[4].

GS81 EddieMcAcepro.jpg

Also noteworthy is the continued lack of presence from those monsters from The Scourge. Darth Dragon[5] is the last remaining devil from that brood.

In fact, accumulating evidence suggests The Scourge are finally beyond Roftwood’s luscious pastures ^_^


However, a new threat is seen on the horizon as The MOST significant piece of intel I gather today is this - I notice two zombies from the infamous Ridleybank Resistance Front camping Hildebrand Mall’s north-west corner X_X -

Johnny Wad[6]


The Lurker7[7]


My assumption is the RRF is moving into Roftwood to capitalize on our sensitive recovery state. I forward my hypothesis to the RCC aanddd -- WHATTHEE ?!!

GS91b Scout2.jpg

Another zombie has moved into the north-west corner of Hildebrand Mall and is blazing through AP, clawing at my Hit Points and infecting me with a gnarely bite!!

I remain steadfast, shaking off the initial surprise attack and maintaining face..

My nerves are calm because this gnarley infection is nothing that can’t be cured by my clownishly-professional (or professionally-clownish?) friends at Malton Medical Staff :P

A big time perk of paying tribute to Kevan, our fabled creator, is the gift of a special set of eyes.

I have donated to the “transient form of small particles” that is Kevan, and in return I have been gifted with these special eyes.

These eyes grant me (and any other $5 donor) the ability to see the activity around me a great deal more often (unlimitedly) than those who do not donate (160 limit restriction). It’s a fantastic deal that gives me a slight advantage over the average Malton city-slicker - like this punk zombie.

I use my ocular advantage and vigorously check my attacker’s movement. Soon enough the zombie’s assault ceases - a probable sign of it’s AP exhaustion. The pressure is off me and the ball now is in my court to make a move.

DISCLAIMER: What follows next I now understand was very noobish of me. At the time, I was completely oblivious of the zombie ability Scent Trail and how it allows a zombie to “track” an attacker who doesn’t kill it.

At the the time, what was clear and obvious to me was the fiery wrath I wished to smash down upon The Lurker7[8]

Generally, my ammo and AP is reserved for special tactics and response, as is da way of the Roftwood Elite, but this particular fellow got a shotgun shell in the chest from yours truly on this day -

GS92b Scout3.jpg

The Lurker7[9] is a supreme pest of the most vile and wretched nature. This character belongs to the Gore Corps, the Necro-terrorist unit of the infamous Ridleybank Resistance Front, Roftwood’s long-standing nemesis.


Before I could shoot straight or even construct a barricade, The Lurker7 was causing misery, PKing me on MANY occasions and wreaking havoc wherever I sought shelter >:-C

This intermission serves to provide a bit of background into my personal history with The Lurker7 -


GS93a-20171219 Lurker7 PK.jpg

GS93b-20171219 Lurker7 PK.jpg

The above is from December 19, 2017. The Lurker7[10] PKs my colleague Charles Darwin[11] from the Quartly Study Group. He shamelessly promotes his RRF Gore Corps horde and vanishes from sight :(

Here is another count where I was the victim of The Lurker7’s PK rampage in Roftwood -

The date is January 11, 2018 and eastern Roftwood is getting smashed by Ridleybank Resistance Front zombies.

GS95a-20180111 Lurker7 PK.jpg

GS95b-20180111 Lurker7 PK.jpg

GS95c-20180111 Lurker7 PK.jpg

I am too low level to have a significant impact in the western military effort against the horde, so I take to the radio and begin my career as a radio broadcaster in eastern Roftwood! Aside from reporting the basic news about the latest zombie positions and building statuses, I promote pro-survivor propaganda over the 26.03 radio wave.

My speeches are designed to boost morale and direct local listeners to the action! Aside from the radio broadcasts, I cook and distribute delicious cheeseburgers (like McZeds but even better!) to my fans.

January 11, 2018 was just like any other day until The Lurker7 PK’d me AGAIN and then I assume some other Gore Corps character hit the local 26.03 radio wave and spewed out anti-survivor propaganda as well as calling me out for not wearing a flak jacket.

Needless to say I found myself a flak jacket pronto, but to no avail for nearly two weeks later, on January 26, 2018, The Lurker7 PKs me YET AGAIN while chilling with my friends in Eligius General Hospital >:-C

GS97a-20180126 Lurker7 PK.jpg

GS97b-20180126 Lurker7 PK.jpg

End Intermission

So fast forward back to today, February 23, 2018 and here I am standing in front of The Lurker7. I’m all bloody from that zombie assault just moments ago, adrenaline simmering, eyes bloodshot and a deep thirst for vengeance.

With the fury of a 1000 burning suns, I pull my trigger and watch a shotgun shell fly straight into the chest of my tormentor.

GS92b Scout3.jpg

Leaving my nemesis with a long-lasting injury rather than a speedy execution brings a twisted satisfaction to my being >:-)

Of course, I now know about the Scent Trail ability and understand the consequences for leaving a smell, but in the moment it felt sooo good :P

Later in the day, I make my way to the killing field that is Hildebrand Mall’s north-west corner.

GS98a HildeNW Siege.jpg

GS98b HildeNW Siege.jpg

I am joined by a bold and tenacious few fellow survivors. I recognize my great and hilarious friend from the Malton Medical Staff, DJ Garwalla[12]

GS6 Garwalla.jpg

Also noteworthy are Roftwood local heroes MasterFS[13] and St Policarpo[14].

Finally present is a new face, Luke S[15]. This fellow immediately catches my attention because he introduces a fresh puzzle for my mind to figure: why in sweet Malton is this dude hangin in the most dangerous tile in the entire suburb? Is he a brave soul or a total fool?

The probability of death and ruin is incredibly high, yet here this guy is, Luke S, dutifully serving on the front for the hope of a better, brighter Roftwood...

My mind is at peace and my passion is boosted as I conclude Luke S is a gift to the cause! I quickly direct him to the Roftwood Coordination Center discord[16] and I evacuate Hildebrand Mall after placing a good chunk of AP into patching up the wounded north-west corner.

Late at night, I heed the call at the RCC. My friend Sunflower[17] of the MMS reports a breach inside the mall -

GS99-20180223 HildeNW Breach.jpg

Five hungry zombies are now inside the mall and only two survivors to defend against them. The odds are not great and I do my best to alarm Garwalla. Tapped on AP, we survivors can do nothing but weather the storm and hope for a better tomorrow.

February 24, 2018

Today was a frenzy of constantly checking and assisting Hildebrand Mall’s north-west corner. It has been a scrappy fight, with AP in the red all day 0_o

The result is the mall stands in survivor control. However, I can’t help but feel deep in my bones that this battle is far from over...

February 25, 2018

The morning begins with great news as I awake fully restored inside Eligius General Hospital surrounded by folks from the Malton Civil Defense Unit and the Malton Forensics Unit :D

GS100a-20180225 AndyBauer.jpg

GS100b-20180225 AndyBauer.jpg

The cavalry has arrived! MCDU and MFU are now official allies of the RCC and are here to assist us with clean up post-The Great Scourgin!

GS48 AndyBauerpro.jpg


Vince Masuka[18], another big wig in the MCDU, has taken to the local 26.03 radio. He’s sharing the his own ZedDex with us Roftwood locals.

GS87 VinceMasukapro.jpg

The remainder my day is spent nextdoor in the Herbert Building, fervently committed to the Roftwood Coordination Center, eagerly anticipating any news from the front.

I watch the magic of the RCC play out. The drums of battle beat along the alarms and alerts of the RCC volunteers updating me and everyone else of the latest action as Hildebrand Mall’s fate unfolds in real time -

GS101-20180225 RCC Action.jpg

Helping orchestrate the survivor side is the seasoned pro-survivor veteran Benigno, who’s accomplishments stretch as far and wide as the legendary Zone Defenders and the Survivor Security Zone!

Today he is among the big timers in the Roftwood Coordination Center, like Alicia Huberman and Sunflower. Their insights, intel, and actions are the life force of the RCC and Roftwood. Regarding fighting spirit and personal character, these are top tier people and I am truly grateful for their efforts and dedication to the cause :D

February 26, 2018

The morning brings interesting news via the local 26.03 radio -

GS102-20180226 Radio MaltonRangers.jpg

The Malton Rangers broadcast their presence and support! I check the NecroNet report from the Herbert Building and confirm the radio’s broadcast as I too note the horde still smashing the north-west corner.

GS103a-20180226 HerbertNN 14z.jpg

I venture outside the north-west corner and see that fiend The Lurker7 still hangin there like a dark, twisted marionette without a master.

GS104a-20180226 Headshot 22.jpg

GS104b-20180226 Headshot 22.jpg

“Today is a good day” I tell myself as I crack a smile, praising myself on my latest masterpiece - a mural outside Hildebrand Mall’s north-west corner painted with the bra!nz of The Lurker7 :D


In this chapter, Roftwood is looking healthy everywhere except Hildebrand Mall, where a horde of 14-18 mostly feral zombies continue sieging the north-west corner. I notice these mostly feral zombies are now joined by a couple Ridleybank Resistance Front dudes. Benigno, Sunflower, Garwalla and Alicia Huberman go hard with me keeping the mall in survivor control. We are joined by The Malton Civil Defense Unit and the Malton Rangers. I share some personal background history regarding myself and the RRF Gore Corps necroterrorist unit AND I unleash some pent up angst via painting a pretty picture outside Hildebrand Mall’s north-west corner with the bra!nz of one of it’s most active members :D

Thanks for reading and be sure to catch my other works here!

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