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The following is the first part of a personal account by Roftwood local ZombGG [1] of the events in Roftwood building up to The Great Scourgin of Roftwood, February 2018.'


January 27-28, 2018

Malton’s central suburb of Roftwood is entrenched in battle.

Everything we survivors love about Roftwood is being bashed and ruined by The Scourge, a horde of undead abominations set out to kill everything living.

Roftwood’s Hildebrand Mall is cherished among us locals.

It provides fantastic access to many resources that help the suburb and our neighbors prosper.

Hildebrand Mall’s SW corner is constantly switching hands in a rugged tug-of-war for dominance between survivors and zombies.

GS1a HildeSW.jpg

The Herbert Building is Roftwood’s most popular NecroTech building.

This is largely due to its close proximity to Hildebrand Mall and Eligius General Hospital.

Survivors are able to get revived, healed, and stocked up all within a 6-tile radius.

This zone is greatly adored by us local survivors, I would say for some it is in the realm of revered.

Today the Herbert Building lies ruined and heavily contested.

GS2a Herbert Ruined.jpg

The compounding effect of this over days of back-to-back battling is finally being felt in full force.

The struggle to supply the highly demanded NecroTech revivification syringes is all too real.

Without the Herbert Building online, we are unable to easily revive our fallen brothers in a timely manner.

I do my best gloriously battling the zombie invaders with barricades and bullets.

January 29-30, 2018

With man power and inventory supplies direly low, I turn to the Roftwood Coordination Center for assistance.

It is there I manage to coordinate with the Malton Medical Staff.

We organize a tactical retreat from our Roftwood homeland into The Rayfield Building, located deep into our neighboring suburb of Tollyton.

GS3a Rayfield Retreat.jpg

I do not enjoy “retreating” from my beloved Roftwood.

I feel cowardly, but I understand this tactic involves a one step-back-two-steps-forward approach. We are in the one-step-back stage.

It is important I maintain my composure and continue marching on with the war effort, for a brighter, better Roftwood.

Luckily I am in the company of the hilarious and awesome Malton Medical Staff, who do a wonderful job keeping our “spirits” up with their humor..

... Plus a bottle of the infamously cherished “Greenhow Gutrot”, a concoction of sorts originated from Roftwood’s own The Greenhow Building.

To say the least, the effect was good times and a home-away-from-home feel :)

GS5 AliciaHuberman.jpg

GS6 Garwalla.jpg

We were bloodied, but together. With spirits raised, we set out gathering supplies and reviving our fallen comrades.

I welcome back to life my powerfully helpful friend Tess Eks [2] of the Malton Medical Staff.

GS4a Revive Tess.jpg

January 31, 2018

“High in spirits” and freshly restocked, we move back to our beloved Roftwood.

The Malton Medical Staff set up support around Hildebrand Mall.

I charge headstrong back into the action at the SW corner and dutifully exhaust myself serving on the front line.

GS7a Reclaim Hilde.jpg

We manage to push back the zombies and capture the mall for the night.

February 1, 2018

I awake in the early morning hours, barely rested and in the middle of a skirmish inside Hildebrand Mall’s south west corner.

Everyone around me is infected and bloody, getting clawed and bit.

The barricades are down to lightly and I only have enough strength for 5 actions.

GS8a HildeBattle 830am.jpg

I conserve my energy waiting for the most critical time to strike.

I witness Roftwood local Brickbat Bob get a humiliation kill on a zombie with a plastic Christmas tree and that made my smile :)

GS8b HildeBattle 830am.jpg

A few hours later the battle looks to be in survivor favor!

The barricades are up to heavy, no zombies inside, and marking the official capture of Hildebrand, the 4th generator is refueled.

GS9a HildeBattle 1027am.jpg

The mall is shining proud and survivors celebrate their victory in honor of the famous Last Stand of Roftwood which happened to be epically carried out on the same day a full 10 years ago!

GS11a ZombGG Report LS.jpg

GS11b ZombGG Report LS.jpg

GS11c ZombGG Report LS.jpg

GS11d ZombGG Report LS.jpg

If only times stayed as great as they were this day! We fought so fiercely and strategically for this moment and glory.

Unfortunately, the glory for the rest of the month will largely be claimed by The Scourge, but not without bitter fighting and a good story!

Be sure to follow The Great Scourgin' of Roftwood: Part II for my next installment!

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