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The following is the second part of a personal account by Roftwood local ZombGG [1] about the early days of The Great Scourgin' of Roftwood, February 2018. Catch Part I here!


February 3, 2018

After 2 days of battle, we lose our beloved Hildebrand Mall to The Scourge [2] in the early morning hours of the 3rd day.

The scene is terrifying! Outside of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, never before have I seen such a colossal horde!

Never before have I seen such heavy destruction and ruin in Roftwood!

GS12a DawnoftheDead2.jpg

My good friend Tess Eks is among the dead piled outside the SW corner.

Gore and darkness cover the mall.

GS12b DawnoftheDead2.jpg

The zombies numbered 9 outside and 18 inside for a total of 27.

They have clear and complete dominance over Hildebrand Mall.

GS13a DawnoftheDead3.jpg

With the mall gone, I buckle up with other Roftwood locals for a final grand stand against The Scourge from The Herbert Building. The sun sets on a dark day for us survivors -_-

February 4, 2018

Hope rises with the dawning sun as the leadership of ENVY make a big entrance into The Herbert Building in a most critical moment!!

GS14a BattleforHerbert1.jpg

GS14b BattleforHerbert1.jpg

Leading ENVY’s strike is the alluring Murderess[3], who gets straight to business rebuilding the shattered barricades while simultaneously killing a zombie with her pistol.

Her husband Scarbrand[4] is right behind her, taking out another zombie with his shotgun.

GS14c Murderess.jpg

GS14d Scarbrand.jpg

A few hours later, we get a grip on the Herbert Building as more ENVY reinforcements show up.

GS15a BattleforHerbert2.jpg

Roftwood local Rakewell takes out 2 more zombies. Murderess points out a Scourge spy, Diyu[5].

GS15c Diyu.jpg

Scarbrand quickly disposes him and my brother in arms leafpine[6] of the Roftwood Elite tends my wounds with a first aid kit.

GS15b BattleforHerbert2.jpg

Later in the evening, the fighting ceased. We relax, welcome our new ENVY pals, and celebrate our day’s success against a horde of 15 zombies most entirely composed from the very deadly Scourge.

My dearly awesome friend Alicia Huberman[7] of the Malton Medical Staff gets the party started by popping open a bottle of “Herbert Hootch”.

She cheers everyone for a day well fought and makes a convincing case for 100% total inebriation perhaps actually being our best defense!

GS16a BattleforHerbert3.jpg

GS16b BattleforHerbert3.jpg

My equally awesome friend Imgonnadiesoon[8] aka Sunflower of the Malton Medical Staff gets me laughing after admitting “always wanting to swap his blood out with alcohol” xD

Tonight sure was a night of feel good triumph. We almost forgot that there were 15 blood thirsty zombies eagerly awaiting to devour our bra!nz.

February 5, 2018

GS17a BattleforHerbert4.jpg

I awake alarmed in the early morning hours to discover a truly horrific and nightmarish sight!

Those 15 zombies led by The Scourge founder herself, Rotting Rita[9], all breached the Herbert building in bold fashion with an impeccably timed X:00 strike.

The effect was devastating for survivors inside. Many fled, many more were not so lucky.

GS17b BattleforHerbert4.jpg

GS17c RottingRita.jpg

Although the situation for Herbert looked grim, light was shining on Hildebrand Mall, well at least from the NE corner.

The Scourge placed so much of its horde assaulting the Herbert building that we survivors were able to recapture the mall and get out a broadcast informing others of Herbert’s fall.

GS18a Reclaim Hildebrand.jpg


In this installment, Roftwood survivors lost Hildebrand Mall to The Scourge after 2 days of fierce fighting. We bunkered up in The Herbert Building and were joined by the heroic ENVY, who were a major reason we managed to hold out the day.

The morning of February 5th proved to Roftwood survivors that the Scourge is in fact the greatest undead threat in the surburb’s history as we witnessed the horde conduct the most shocking and successful X:00 strike ever recorded on the Herbert Building.

GS19 Summary HerbertRuined.jpg

Luckily for us survivors, the assault was so taxing on the Scourge that survivors were able to reallocate resources and hastily “reclaim” Hildebrand Mall.

Be sure to catch The Great Scourgin' of Roftwood, February 2018: Part III here!

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