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I had too many templates on my front page so I moved them here.

ErrorUgly.png Too Many Templates
This user puts way too many templates on their page.
Zcow.jpg Suck the Cow!
In the grim darkness of Malton there is only war. And rats.
Symbol3.png The Crimson Wolves
This user or group is affiliated or allied with The Crimson Wolves, a survivor group dedicated to slaughtering slightly undead people whose only sin is their addiction to devouring other people alive.
Rhodes2.JPG A Colossus Of Class
This user or group is part of the New Malton Colossus.
Bringing Glorious Battle to you since 2006.
Brainz.gif The Second Big Bash!
This User or Group is a member of The Second Big Bash, and will be coming to your neighborhood soon! Please have lots of fresh brains ready when they arrive with all their friends.
Monroe.JPG Quiz Prize 4
Zombie slay3r knows that zombies are a girls best friend.
Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Here, have a rat!
Axe Hack has given Zombie slay3r a rat for solving Quiz #13 while writing a letter to Bush.
Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Here, have a rat!
Ev933n has given Zombie slay3r a rat for being the coolest active person in our group to have never really had a chat with me!
Trident.jpg Channel 4 News Team Affiliate
This user or group entered Glorious Battle beside the Channel 4 News Team. There were horses and a man on fire and this user or group killed a guy with a trident. Afterward, we could barely lift our arms because we killed so many zombies. I don't know if you heard us counting. We killed over 1,000.
MRangers.gif Friend of the Malton Rangers

This User or Group fought beside the Malton Rangers in their quest to aid the people of Malton.
Alqilya icon.gif The AlQilya Jihad
Proud member or supporter of AlQilya and their Jihad on the zombies of Malton.
Goddess.jpg Death And Destruction
This user or group supports the fiery women of Hel's Daughters and their zombie ways. Would you like a taste?
Cybelesdaughters.jpg Where Are The Women?
This user or group supports Cybele's Children and agrees that there should be more female characters in Malton.
SlayersGoddess.jpg Cold Hearted Killers
This user or group supports the icy women of Cybele's Slayers and their devious ways. Are you feeling lucky?
Sistersgoddess.jpg Healing hands, Open hearts
This user or group supports the gentle touches of Cybele's Sisters and their helpful ways. Everyone needs a woman's touch.
Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox.
800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png American
This user is American.
Bush.jpg 1+1 is 2?
What? I had it at 47...
Male.jpeg Male
This user is male.
Nogod.jpg Atheist
This user is an atheist.
Dead.gif Urban Dead
This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?
Smiley.png It's a Joke, OK?
This user supports the use of humor, even when other people don't get it.
Error.png Speedy Delete It
This user likes to delete junk without all that pesky democracy getting in the way.
Justice.PNG Image Purger
This sysop has purged 870 unused images and image revisions from the wiki.
Boxes.jpg Categoriser
A place for everything, and everything in its place!

This user loves categorising the wiki.

RecentChanges.jpg In Need of WikiRehab
Zombie slay3r is addicted to recent changes.
Stalker.jpg Stalker
This user stalks the Recent Changes page.
Sauron eye.jpg I SEE YOU!!1!
Justice.PNG Ex-Sysop
This user was once a sysop.
Sgpicon1.gif Arbitrator
This user is an Arbitrator.
WikiPatrol.png Project Wiki Patrol Member
Dedicated to maintaining the wiki.
Sign.png Remember To Sign!
This user remembers to sign on talk pages and you should too.
Formatting Nazi.png Formatting Nazi
This user is a formatting Nazi and will fix your lists, indents, links, template calls or other wiki-code without asking.
Smiley.png Template Junkies!
This user is a Template Junkie!
Smiley.png Happy Template Maker
This user is happy that so many people use his templates.
Templates.jpg Templates
This user knows how to make templates.

Block.jpg Templates
Zombie slay3r has made 15 templates as of now.
Bbticon.jpg Templates
Zombie slay3r has 162 different templates on his page as of now.
Wagon.jpg Bandwagon
This user has jumped on
the template bandwagon.
Fire.jpg Let's Abuse Flagboxes!
This user or group abuses or excessively uses flagboxes.
Typewriter.jpg Edits to Date
This user has made approximately a load edits as of now.
Sign.png Remember To Sign!
This user remembers to sign on talk pages and you should too.
Digital Clock.jpg Clock
The time is currently 17:45 based on server time.
Calendar.jpg Calendar
Today is Saturday, 10 Jun 2023
RMB.JPG Suggestions
Zombie slay3r has made 1 suggestions as of now
Extravaganza.jpg Implemented!
This user has gotten 0 suggestions implemented!
RMB.JPG Discussion Page User
This user actually checks the Discussion Page.
Gavel.jpg Vandals Beware
This user will not hesitate to smite you with his ban hammer of justice.
BanStick.jpg Ban Stick
This user WILL report you to Vandal Banning.
Block.jpg Blockerer
This user loves blocking wiki pages with those sweet 9-block templates.
Mwmicon.gif Mistakes Were Made
This User reads Mistakes Were Made
Penelope.png FIND THE SQUID
This user or group is a supporter of The Search for Penelope.
Duck and cover, duck and cover!

Tin-foil hats may work too!

Evil sockpuppet.jpg Death to the Sockpuppets!
Zombie slay3r thinks all sockpuppets are inherently evil, and that they should be killed with fire.
Train-steam01.jpg MISCONBITRATION
Misconbitration.png MISCONBITRATION
This user supports the use of MISCONBITRATION.
USA Great Seal Reverse.png Secret Shadow Group Member
This user is a member of the Secret Shadow Group that controls the wiki.
TUMBLEWEED-aikido-river'n-stuff.gif Supporter of No Tactics
I have no clue what I'm doing.
DontNerf.JPG Don't Nerf Mah PKing!
This user is sick of people trying to nerf PKing.
Tetris.jpg Tetris Addict
This user is addicted to Tetris.
Pkdaythumb.jpg Body Count
Zombie slay3r has killed 85 zombies.
Please use the receptacles provided.
Wickerman-burning.jpg Pagan
Zombie slay3r is a Pagan and will happily make martyrs out of religious fanatics.
Fire, sword or bullet?
Z sad tree.jpg "There's No Santa Claus?!?!"
This user has entered the
Christmas Tree Dead Pool
Death Count
Zombie slay3r has died 23 times.
PK Deaths
Zombie slay3r has been Pked 3 times.
Weapons.JPG Weapon of Choice
This user's weapon of choice is his fire axe.
Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
Newfireaxe.jpg Axe Crazy
This user has an axe. Do not cross him/her.
Gun.jpg Bang!
Zombie slay3r wants mean people to die.
Fireaxe.jpg Fire Fighter
This user is a Firefighter and is probably off chopping up a zombie with their axe.
NoLOL.png Grammar
This user or group supports the use of proper grammar and spelling on the Wiki.
Isidore.gif Saint Isidore Is Watching
Have you checked your spelling?
Segal.jpg Seagal > Norris
This user knows that Chuck Norris is Steven Seagal's bitch.
AntiChuck.JPG Chuck Norris Sucks!
This user thinks that Chuck Norris isn't that cool, he's just a cowboy.
Clipit knock.gif Clippit
Zombie slay3r wants to vaporize Clippit.
Viking1.jpg Zombie slay3r is a Viking
They kick Pirate and Ninja ass with ease (all together or one at a time)
Puke.jpg << WARNING >>
The following images are graphic
and may be disturbing to some.
Vandalism.gif IT NEVER ENDS!
This user is frustrated by the sheer amount of stupidity and crap on the wiki.
Beatbejesus.jpg Beat The Bejesus
This Person or Group Knows That Sometimes You Just Gotta Beat The Bejesus Outta Somethings...
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be A Zombie Hunter
This user is a Zombie Hunter and is probably off head shotting a zed right now.
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.
Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Bloodyknife.jpg PKer
This user is a PKer and is probably off killing some poor defenseless survivor.
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.
Brains with captions.jpg Brain Rot
One of this user's characters has brain rot and/or supports those select few who do have brain rot.
Eatbrains.gif Brain Rot
This User has Brain Rot and wishes to stay dead.
Church.png Rescue
This user thinks that adding 1 AP to the revive cycle is pointless.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Banana peeled.png Combined Zombie Groups of Malton Supporter
This User or Group supports the Combined Zombie Groups of Malton & acknowledges that Ridleybank is the zombie heartland, and that every action of their zombie group is contributing in some little way to Barhah.

Syringe.jpg Revive Count
Zombie slay3r has revived 26 people.
Xoclock.jpg Punch In
This user or group supports X:00 tactics.
Swiss flag.jpg Safehouse Supporter
This user or group supports Vantar's Safehouse and respects its neutrality!
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Pissedoff.gif What the Hell is Wrong with you People!?
This user thinks that getting revived takes too freakin'


Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.
Killer.jpg PK Reporting
This User or Group supports PK Reporting. Don't let Player Killers get away with murder. Report them on the Rogues Gallery.
KillpatheticBill.gif Hunt him down!
Pathetic Bill must be killed and sent back to hell, where he belongs!
McZeds.png pfuargh ... McZeds™
Although (or precisely because) this group does NOT eat at McZeds™, it supports the use of corpses for what they call "High Quality Processed Fast Food."
The v.jpg Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the undead of Ridleybank.
Ubpicon1.gif UBP Supporter
This User supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.
Zergling.gif Alt user
Zombie slay3r has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.
Bsfa98.JPG War On Sheep
This user or group is sick of survivors acting like lame sheep. Zombies are supposed to be the herd creatures, not the living!
Keyhole2.jpg Just Lock the Freaking Doors Already!
This user can't figure out why survivors don't just lock their doors to keep out the zombies.
FireExit.jpg Directions To Exit
Always follow the arrows when in doubt of where to go.
Arms.gif Malton Coat of Arms
This user honors the Malton Coat of Arms.
Hiding.jpg OH NOEZ! ZOMBIES!
This user is currently hiding from zombies and is using the best disguise ever!
Earth.jpg Where is Malton?
Zombie slay3r thinks that Malton is on a server in the UK.
Amazing 666sm.gif Amazing Who?
This User had no idea who the longtime Urban Dead Wiki contributor Amazing was.
Know what you are talking about.
Malton Citizens Broadcast
This user or group follows the
Radio Transmission Conduct Protocol
Martini.jpg Teetotaler
Zombie slay3r does not drink.
DairyProducts.JPG Dairy
This user or group supports the distribution of dairy products for all of Malton's Citizens.
Spanish.jpg Spanish
This user is Spanish.
Heartmath.png Math fun
This user thinks that math is awesome.
NoHubbard.jpg Scientology Unfriendly
This user thinks that Scientology is ridiculous.
Mrh?cow.gif Mrh?
This user is a Mrh Cow at least some of the time.
Miracle max.jpg This user is capable of Miracles
Just don't rush them...
Lonelyguy.jpeg No Life
This user has nothing better to do than sit around all day and check the wiki.
Holidayimperialism.JPG Stop Holiday Imperialism!
This user refuses to acknowledge the start of Christmas season until the day after Thanksgiving.
Bloodyturkey.JPG Thanksgiving
This user supports the mass murder of turkeys for Thanksgiving.
Banana.gif OMG Banana!
This user ate too many bananas.
Generatorcarry.JPG Heavy Lifters, Maybe?
This user can't figure out for the life of them how survivors are able to carry around several portable generators at once.
Backpacker.JPG Curse You Encumbrance!!!
This user carries around a lot of crap.
Hoard.jpg HOARD
This user recognizes the difference between a horde and a hoard.
Money tree.jpg Money Tree
Money Really Does Grow On Trees!
Zombie onslaught smilie.gif Zombie Massacre
This user loves going on zombie massacres.
PKtwins.gif PK WITH US
Hello! Come and PK with us. Come and PK with us.

Forever... and ever... and ever!

Abcletters.jpg SGP, MFD, CMS, UBP...
This user thinks there are enough capital letters used on the wiki to feed every bookworm in the world.
Pyro.jpg Pyromaniac
Zombie slay3r is a pyro and proud of it.

Nerf.jpg Nerf This!
This user actually uses the word "nerf" appropriately.
Newt.gif How do you know she is a witch?
This user was turned into a Newt...
Zombie osterichs.jpg RUN!
Zombie Ostrichs are out to get us!!
209-rabbit.jpg Mr Fluffles
This user loves to huggle a cute, fluffy, darling, lovable bunny every single day!
Kitty small.jpg Kitties!
This user supports the use of Kitties for extreme cuteness and lovability.
Pie.jpg Piebtration
This user believes that pie duels can solve most problems in life.
Spam1.jpg Spam
MrAushvitz needs to stop before he fills up Peer Rejected Suggestions.
Llama.JPG Drama Llama
The Llama is watching you.
Kareliya (Small).jpg We love Lachryma!!!
Zombie slay3r loves the hot Russian lady!!!
Kiki.jpg We love Kiki!!!
Zombie slay3r loves the hot police lady!!!.
Karija.gif We love Karija!!!
Zombie slay3r loves the hot nurse lady!!!.
FMB.gif We love...wait a minute
Zombie slay3r loves the hot fir---oh wait this is going horribly wrong, isn't it...
Macarthur.jpg I shall return!
This user claims to be General MacArthur.
Afro.gif Pools Closed Due to Aids!
Jeff Jarrett.jpg Slapnuts
This user may or may not refer to someone as "slapnuts".
Kenny.gif The PKers got Kenny!
Oh my God! You killed Kenny! You bastard!
Rickrolled.gif RickRolled!
This user has been RickRolled and wouldn't get this from any other guy.
Mudkipz.jpg mudkipz
so i herd u liek mudkipz?
Mudkips.jpg u herd rite...
dis user leiks mudkips
Youlose.JPG You Get Nothing!
You lose! Good day, sir!
Freerunningfinal.JPG "Free" Running?
This user believes that Free Running works by the heavy use of quantum mechanics.
Visited Caiger Mall
This user has visited Caiger Mall.
Visited Treweeke Mall
This user has visited Treweeke Mall.
Visited Nichols Mall
This user has visited Nichols Mall.
Visited Ackland Mall
This user has visited Ackland Mall.
Visited Giddings Mall
This user has visited Giddings Mall.
Visited Blesley Mall
This user has visited Blesley Mall.
Visited Mitchem Mall
This user has visited Mitchem Mall.
Visited Dowdney Mall
This user has visited Dowdney Mall.
Visited Stickling Mall
This user has visited Stickling Mall.
Visited Woodroffe Mall
This user has visited Woodroffe Mall.
Visited Hildebrand Mall
This user has visited Hildebrand Mall.
Deadset.PNG Borehamwood

Population: 11058
Current Population
0 standing survivors
1 standing zombies

Malton-coat-of-arms.gif Population of Malton

Active Characters: 3928
Survivors: 1465 (56%)
Zombies: 1125 (44%)
Dead bodies: 1222
Revivifying bodies: 116
Standing Zombie Hunters: 981

Zashiya (talk) 14:45, 25 April 2023 (UTC)

Mobile Phone Mast.png Mobile Network Coverage:
  • Actual Network Coverage: 25%
  • Known Active Masts: 17

Correct as of: 21:40, 5 June 2020 (UTC)

Monroevilleseal.png Monroeville

Population: 42,642
Current Population
0 survivors
2 zombies

Antitroll.JPG Troll Begone!
This user will remove troll posts.
Mays.jpg Billy Mays

Billy Mays here with an amazing product!

But wait, there's more!

Here's how to order!

414px-Bronson 1973.jpg Great Hair
Charles Bronson had amazing hair. His hair would've kicked your hair's ass.
108 Kill All Pigs!!!
This user is a cop killer.
Imp.gif DOOM
Remember to tell your grandkids to put a rocket launcher in your coffin. If you go to Hell when you die, you’ll need it for some final cleaning-up.
Headlessgunner.jpg Genuine Murderer
"PKers don't sip tea with DEM by day and frag them with a happy little laugh by night. We kick their asses, take their names, and promise them more in return if they give us any further shit. We're not here to be nice guys who are a thorn in the side of the establishment." -Headless Gunner
Kevanism.gif Kevanism
Zombie slay3r is a Kevanist. They believe that the universe was created approximately 15 years ago by an intelligent designer.
Kareliya (Small).jpg ☭ Lachryma Rules!! ☭
And if you see question marks instead of the hammer and the sickle go here, and don't annoy the Czarina.

Lame.jpg Terrible Role Playing
Life Cultists are terrible RPers. Zombies are never, ever helpful to the living.
Kurt Cobain.jpg Kurt Cobain 1967-1994
This user agrees with the NFA. Nirvana, grunge, and alternative rock are good!
This user or group is associated with The PKer Alliance
Lowhpcop.PNG Low HP Survivors
PKer Crack
This user supports PKer rights!
Mpd.png Report Me!
This user is an evil PKer. To punish me: report my kills on the Rogues Gallery!
Zombie slay3r supports DORIS and its fight to free Yagoton from opression.
Giza-pyramids.jpg Way Too Long ChinaGreatWall.gif
This is a very big and very long article. It deserves at least one template. You know... For Feng Shui.
Obi-wankenobi.jpg The Player Killer Alliance
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
ZHU.gif Zerg Hunters Unlimited
Zombie slay3r/templates supports the Zerg Hunters Unlimited in their fair and quick extermination of multi-character abusers!
Suvival knife.jpg Praise be to Zeko!
This user acknowledges the Disciples of Zeko as the founders of PKing.
AntiMcZeds.JPG Anti McZeds™
This Zombie or Human does not eat at McZeds™, the patty flipping harmanz bra!nz are full of grease.

This user's or group's powerlevel is…

Brucecampbell.jpg Bruce Campbell
Zombie slay3r knows that Bruce Campbell is a lover and a fighter, and knows the best way to find him is to follow the trail of dead men and pregnant women.
Clinteastwood.jpg Badass Messiah
Zombie slay3r knows that Chuck Norris exists because Clint Eastwood said it was okay.
Trooper-hump-small.gif THE EMPIRE
Tremble in fear at the might of the Imperial Army!
NINETHOUSAND.jpg His power level...
SnakeisDead.jpg SNAKE IS DEAD
Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
BePreparedGuide.png Don't Leave Home Without It
I don't go anywhere without
The Hitchhiker's Guide To Malton
Chuck.jpg BEWARE: Roundhouse Kick Master!
This user has mastered Chuck Norris' signature only move. It's deadly!
FP711-2-EB309142545-B.jpg Cry More Please
Aaaaawww… Does someone need a hug? What about a blankie?
DontPanic.png The Hitchhiker's Guide To Malton
Reminding Malton survivors of the most reassuring words they're likely to hear all day: Don't Panic
Gant2.jpg Didn't we make ourselves clear?
Remember kids: Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, YOU ARE DEAD
Emot-bandwagon.gif Templates make FUNFUN!
Zombie slay3r thinks that templates are a fun and exciting way to express your opinion!
Cat.jpg Cats
This user loves cats.
Kitty small.jpg Kitties!
This user supports the use of Kitties for extreme cuteness and lovability.
Fire.jpg Anti Flagbox Abuse
Zombie slay3r is against the abuse or excessive use of flagboxes.
ShootTheMedic.png Anti-Combat Reviver
Zombie slay3r dislikes the strategy known as 'Combat Revival'.
Trench coat.jpg Anti-Trenchcoater
Zombie slay3r finds people with 20 shotguns and katanas to be obnoxious.