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I am ZombieGeorge and I will peel off your face and eat it like a gore flavored fruit roll-up!

The Barhah

Barhah is more than a rallying cry; it is the essence of true zombieness; it what separates us from the harmanz. Barhah is exemplified by actions and not words.

Whenever you bust open a safehouse so others can feed, you’re brining the barhah. Whenever you drag a scared, screaming meatbag from a building to feed the freshly dead, you’re bringing the barhah. Whenever you step into a newly opened safehouse, taking bullets so that others may eat, you’re bringing the barhah. Whenever you hear the familiar feeding groans echoing from blocks away, you are hearing the song of barhah. Whenever you infectiously bite the cowering harmanz, you are sharing the barhah. Wherever a lone rotter clogs a revive point, there is barhah. Wherever a shopping mall stands empty and ruined, there is barhah.

We crash into barricades, breaking them down, pouring in and going where we will, unstoppable– carrying all like a great tide. Wherever a horde stands together, there is barhah!


A strong affirmation of all that is wonderfully evil and living dead.

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