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Note:Currently I dont have the time to log in everyday as I use to.However I would be on a couple times a month so untill further notice I will be off the MFD.I will sign back up once im active again.

Zombiehunter4 member of the Malton Fire Department.Patroling the NE district 3.District 3 includes Rhodenbank, Dulston, Rolt Heights, Pescodside and Dunningwood.Captain of pescodside and now working hard to keep the zeds down or revived.

[Ribbons of Merit]

The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg The Weaponmaster Ribbon

Fitness Ribbon.jpg Fitness Ribbon

Sniper's Ribbon.jpg Sniper's Ribbon

Community Support Ribbon.jpg Community Support Ribbon

Engineer's Ribbon.jpg Engineer's Ribbon

Field Medicine Merit.jpg Field Medicine Merit

Scientific Achievement Ribbon.jpg Scientific Achievement Ribbon

Resident Surgeon Ribbon.jpg Resident Surgeon Ribbon

Acquisition Ribbon.jpg Acquisition Ribbon

Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg Reconnisance Specialist Merit

Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon.jpg Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon

Radio Operator Ribbon 3D.jpg Advanced Radio Dispatch Ribbon

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This is my profile [zombiehunter4].This is my [brainstock profile].This is my [Alt]

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