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Zomkah : Jason Carter
Joined: 22/03/2009
Character Details: UD Profile Link
Rank: EMT
Character Class: Civilian
Favorite Equipment: First Aid Kit
Favorite Weapon: Pistol
Backup Weapon: My bare fists
Current Status: Alive
Location: St. Simeon's Church, Greentown
Current Level: 2
Kills: 0
Revives: 0
Deaths: 1
Group: N/A
Journal: N/A

The Story Behind the Man

Growing Up

Born on July 28th 1989, the man known as Zomkah was child to two parents, his father, Zach Carter, and his mother, Gwen Carter. They lived happy, relatively peaceful lives. The small family lived out in Chancelwood however, since there was no police presence in the suburb, crime grew bad, especially since they'd just pulled out of the energy crisis. The family moved east, all the way to Dulston where they bought a new home close to Treweeke Mall. After two years of more peaceful living, Zach and Gwen Carter had another child, whom they christened Abby Carter. At this time Jason Carter (which is his real name) was just two years-old, living the lifestyle of a very small and young toddler. We're going to fast-forward a little. The year is 2004. Carter is 15 and now attends Couch Bvld School in nearby Pescodside. Each day, his Father would drive him to the other suburb in their Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster and deposit him at the school. Jason even had a girlfriend; a young 16 year-old girl called Alyshia Holmes. The two enjoyed a lovable relatonship, with an instant likeness for each other. At school, Jason had a certain aptitude for Literature, History and Scientific Studies. He excelled in these subjects and in later years his knowledge would aid him well.

After schooling, Carter ended up going to Malton East District College, where his girlfriend also attended. This only fueled their relationship and it was only a matter of time before they started having intercourse. It was completely legal of course, both of them were now past 16. College was a harder ride for Jason but he pushed through and achieved a lot in a short space of time. After College, he didn't really know what to do. He didn't really want to go to University but he was not ready to have a full-time job either.

Saved By the Outbreak...wait, what?!

Yes, Jason Carter was saved by the Outbreak of the Necro-Virus. The incident occured on a very sunny morning in August 2007. At 18 years of age, Jason was good-looking and had a tattoo of a scorpion on his Trapezius, or back of the neck (no pun intended) to those of you who aren't familiar with the human body. Having departed from Malton to go on a holiday in Dubai with his amazing girlfriend, Jason found that they couldn't return to their home country because according to the flight officials, "all outgoing flights to Malton are hereby canceled due to unforeseen circumstances". Jason and Alyshia were devastated. They had next to no money, barely enough to get food, having spent most of it while on holiday and they had nowhere to go, nowhere to stay. As it turned out, Carter had unwittingly been saved by the Outbreak in Malton because if he had returned, things would surely have gone downward from there. He was also spared the sight of his dead Mother and Father, both of whom had been shot after mutating rapidly into zombies because they were a couple of the first people to be exposed to the virus. His sister was safely out of the way, having gone with her Aunt to the U.S. to train to be a Top Model.

Two Years Later...

The year is now 2009. Jason Carter and Alyshia Holmes have found a way to get home after staying in Dubai with a rented apartment in the last two years. A rather fortunate opportunity was stumbled upon when a weapons smuggler they met at a China Shop offered to drop off Carter and Holmes in Malton on his way to Pyongyang, North Korea. The two lost young people happily agreed. The fee was -luckily- nothing since the gunrunner was passing over Malton anyway and he had the room to spare. A day or two later and Jason and Alyshia were sitting in the passenger seats of a Bell 212 Twin-Huey helicopter and picking up speed as they headed home. Within a few hours they were nearing their destination. The sight that greeted their eyes was a horrific one. Fires burned and raged throught the city, a great wall had been constructed around it, gunfire could be seen and SOS signs were plastered to some of the buildings. What the hell had happened while they were away? Panic began to set in as Jason's mind flicked to an image of his parents. Questions flamed and trolled his mind. Were they safe? Where were they? What were they doing? What was going on? Carter stopped himself before he panicked into overdrive. In the next few hours they were dropped at the roof of a fire station and quickly made contact with survivors who explained the situation. According to them, a virus had spread throughout Malton, turning anyone who contracted it into mindless zombies, whose only mandate then was to eat anything in sight.

It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

(Coming very very soon!)

Templates(Don't ya just love 'em?)

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This user thinks that templates are a fun and exciting way to express your opinion!
Battleship.jpg Battleship Cannons Fire!
This user thinks that if any battleships are patrolling in the ocean near the location of Malton, they should open fire upon the areas high in zombies because it would be cool to watch them get blown into pieces.
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Zomkah has successfully healed 3 survivors.
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This user or group acknowledges the fact that PKers play a legitimate role in a zombie apocalypse and that they are people too.

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We, the Living, do not bow to these mockeries of life, the zombies, the murderers, the vandals, the corruptors, and we shall prevail.
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Image-Radar.jpg Kaylo Radar Systems
Zomkah is currently located at St. Simeon's Church

Last signal was recieved at 3:40pm GMT


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This user or group believes that while zambahz and humans must kill each other, they can still be civil about it.

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