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  • Name: Valerie Kingsley
  • Nickname: Zuton
  • Date of Birth: 19th September 1985
  • Place of Birth: London, England
  • Height: 5' 3"
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair Colour: Brunette
  • Character Class: Military
  • Join Date 24th August 2005
  • Rank: Havok Lady
  • Role: Guardian Angel

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Havok Lady, Diva of Style, Bard of Excalibur

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Excalibur was the Fortress' Roleplaying Team

We turned missions into chapters.

This is Our Story

Book One of Excalibur

Pocket Full of Poses,

Background and Prologue

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


Valerie grew up on the Doddington Estate, in Battersea, South London. She was the second child of three born to John and Margaret Kingsley. Her brother, Mark Kingsley, is 3 years older than her, and her sister, Jessica Kingsley, is 2 years younger than her. John worked as a bin-man (refuse-collector in modern, ‘politically correct’ terms) until he was 45, in 1998, when he had a heart-attack, and had to retire. Margaret was a librarian at Battersea Park library.

Valerie attended Battersea Technology College, and progressed very well academically until she was 15 (2001), her father’s continuing ill health, and Mark’s strange behaviour distracted her, and she sought escape from this scary reality with her friends. They drank heavily and smoked cannabis, and Valerie had tried harder drugs once or twice before she was 16. It wasn’t for her, and when her brother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia shortly before her GCSEs, Valerie had cleaned up her act and focused on her exams. It was almost to late, but she managed to get 6 GCSEs, including a B in Biology, and a C in Maths. With Mark sectioned at Springfield Hospital, and Jessica also linking in with “the wrong crowd”, the family realised it was time to move, and were able to rent a house in Tooting. Valerie enrolled on a Performing Arts course at South Thames College, and got a weekend job in Wimbledon Marks and Spencers.

Having entered Pop Idol 2003 and making it to the final 75, Valerie’s hopes of a singing career were dashed by a quip from Simon Cowell. Her misery was made worse when Michelle McManus won the series, Valerie had thought she was talentless and overweight.

By 2004 Valerie was wondering what to do with her life. She was 18, working full-time at Marks and Spencer’s, and wasn’t happy. Sure, she had met Steve Phillips, a 25 year old structural engineer, but love wasn’t enough. She wanted to give something back, and surprised everyone when she joined the Royal Army Medical Corps in early 2005. She soon qualified as a Combat Medical Technician, getting engaged to Steve the day after she passed out.

The new private was assigned to the 144 Paratroop Medical Squadron, and was training for her first mission in Iraq when there was a crisis in Malton. Valerie (or Zuton as she was now affectionately known, after the Zuton's hit single, Valerie*) had been glued to the TV that July as stories of a super-bug sweeping through the town were reported in the media. She dismissed the early rumours of the infected attacking survivors, seeing this as typical rioting in a panicking population. The British Army were sent in, quarantining Malton, and the news stories began to tale off. Zuton thought nothing of it until the orders came in that they were parachuting in to Malton that week, to support the troops on the ground.

On Wednesday August 24th 2005 Zuton had parachuted in with her squadron to support troops in northern Malton. She had separated from her comrades as she floated down towards Lamport Hills. She found shelter in a building with two other survivors, and hunkered down for the night before going to search for the other medics. She caught a radio report about a new phenomena, an organised zombie horde who were being called The Many. They had just raided Millen Hills, which Zuton knew was just to the south of her. She called out to the other two survivors to let them know they should be careful, and was astounded when they lurched towards her, growling.

Zuton had died that night. This, her first death, still filled her night-mares and had a profound effect on her mentally (along with physically, for a while) Over the next few days Zuton was revived and died a further four times. This was too much for her to take, and, by early September, when her zombiefied self had been chopped down, Zuton had laid there. As far as she can tell she remained dead for nearly two years. Certainly she had no memories at all until June 2007, when she woke up as a zombie just to the south of Stanbury Village. Finding herself quickly revived, Zuton had stayed in Elgius General Hospital in Roftwood, trying to get used to being alive, and working out ways to cope with her memories. Long before she had a chance to recover the RRF had joined with Zombie hra grh grh in attacking the suburb, and Zuton had fled east, into Edgecombe, and Dennis General Hospital. There a large man wearing a mustard shirt and shorts, and a funny little hat had been holding court, giving advice and extolling a group, called The Fortress. And so, Zuton met Stark, and at the same time found a way to cope. She focused on her past, and dredged up all she had ever learnt about fashion. Looking at Stark’s taste in clothes, she’d need it. He listened to her advice, and promised to take her shopping at a local Mall once she had free-running. Boy did she surprise him when she jumped through the window of the building the next day. Stark looked uncomfortable, saying he had to go back to his team, but if she joined The Fortress he’d get her a diamond necklace. This cheered Zuton up, so she agreed to join, and was soon winging her way west towards boot-camp. Stark had truly been her knight in shining armour.

Zuton had shone in the camp, qualifying within one month, and then Stark had reappeared on the scene, assigning her to his team, he’d just become the commander of the BattleHawks. After two months of fighting through the streets, Stark finally rewarded Zuton by taking her to Alner Mansion for the “blessed diamond necklace” Of course she had to repair and search the Mansion herself. Stark just didn’t understand romance.

When Stark retired from BattleHawk command, Zuton continued to serve under Java Elemental until January 2008, when a new combat team, Excalibur, was created. It reunited her with Stark, both were knights of King Ava’s round table.

Her story, and that of her comrades in Team Excalibur, is told here: Excalibur

In March 2008 Zuton spent 9 days as Lieutenant Commander of Excalibur before unexpectedly assuming Command in Ava's absence, Silas Reg becoming her LT. After a brief return by Ava, Ruinator became Excalibur’s third Commander, Silas remaining LT and Zuton becoming the Bard of Excalibur. Excalibur came to an end in August 2008. September was a busy month as Zuton returned to the BattleHawks, was awarded Fortress Finest and then elected to The Fortress Council. She became Lieutenant Commander of the Hawks in November 2008 until she was fired in February 2009 following Silas Reg’s death and falling out with Commander Templarvis and senior Fortress members. In a city where the dead walk the streets, and zombies can be brought back to life, real death is very rare, but Silas appears to have been cured before he was murdered by Leon Rosenfeld. Zuton’s grief overwhelmed her, and she spent weeks hiding away from fellow Fortress members, acting as a loner. After a brief stint serving Colonel Warlord at Fortress One, Zuton was awarded the prestigious title of Fortress Legend in September 2009. It was her former Commander, Ava, who brought Zuton back in to the BattleHawks fold, days after he had joined the pink combat team. She spent four happy months with her beloved Hawks, although her mood had changed over Christmas 2009, she became withdrawn and soon transferred to Fortress 3, where she was more often seen shoe-shopping in a local Mall than defending the base. At the end of May 2010 Zuton left a cryptic message:

I now know the truth.

Neither the Shadows or the Society are what they seem. They are both parts of the same insidious plot which is The Fortress. This organisation, our organisation (or should I say your organisation) is a betrayal to all that is human. It is all a lie. Trust no one. Especially Jensonson.


She hasn't been seen in Malton since.

(*)OOC: Artistic license please. THe Zutons - Valerie was released in 2006, and Zuton joined the RAMC in 2005.

Fortress Finest, September 2008

Zuton - Excalibur's Jewel in the Crown

Zuton had always been a favourite of many in The Fortress as she quietly but noticably built her Fortress career through Battlehawk. After signing in June 2007 (another recruitment of Stark Senap) she was assigned to the magnificent Battlehawks in July, Stark's own battle-team at that time.

Her application came as follows:

Dear Mr Jensonson,

I have recently been approached by Stark Senap, who advised that joining the Fortress would be a useful way for me to develop my skills, and help in this interminable war.

As such I would like to take the King’s Shilling, and sign up with the Fortress. I am an army medic, however, with little army support, I do not see the need to wear the uniform. I understand that you do not have a uniform policy.

I have been wandering the streets of Malton for a while now, and having spent some time wandering around dead (but I do not recall ever eating brains), I have identified that there is a distinct lack of social workers in Malton, I am hoping that, by joining the Fortress, I will be given the necessary training and support to eventually re-develop Malton’s Social Services Department, assessing needs and providing services and support for the vulnerable adults and children of Malton.

Can you please tell me what the next step is towards joining the Fortress,

Yours truly, Zuton

How could it possibly be turned down? :) And of course, this was the kind of writing we came to expect from the wonderful Zuton and so she fitted right into the roleplay heavy Battlehawk when assigned in July 2007. As Hawk, Zuton was brilliant, unique and unforgettable - a beautiful influence and wonderful Fortress member.

When Avatorous opened the role playing combat squad of The Fortress, Excalibur, Zuton was eager to put her skills to task and soon moved to the new team. Sadly for poor Excalibur, a series of unfortunate circumstances brought the team to what looked like an anonymous end and when Avatorous was forced to retire, all seemed lost.

Zuton - Ambassador and Reporter, Campaign Master of The Fortress - was not quick to let the group die, and with the keen help of (especially) Stark Senap and Silas Reg she showed her determination and ambition. Excalibur continued to write; its members continued to find a use in Malton - even commanderless. And Zuton proudly stepped into the role of leading the squad just so that it would prevail and remain in the Fortress consciousness until Ava's return. But when Avatorous was unable to return full-time, and the command post was assigned to Ruinator, Zuton continued to show the determination and adaptability that maintained Ava's ingenious idea.

Zuton is the Jason Valer of Excalibur - a one-woman squadron - and an unforgettable survivor to meet in Malton. Sexy, stylish, impressively dressed, perfectly poised, subtle and clever - a tendency to jump into hordes of zombies with a song and a shotgun - Zuton is the Wonder-woman of The Fortress. There is plenty more to come from this one in 2008 and beyond

Fortress Legend September 2009

Havoc Lady Zuton, 2007-2009+

The eternal, beautiful battle-hardened diva of style and fashion. Zuton was snapped up by Legendary Fortress head hunter Stark Senap back in Summer ’07. His keen eye for a real gem among the rough stones of ruined Malton succeeded yet again and over the next years Zuton was to shape the group that was to become her home considerably.

Sexy, stylish and perfectly poised – Zuton was always destined to join the Battlehawks, despite her unforgettable time at the equally perfectly suited, Excalibur, where she effectively led the role play group as a one-woman squadron at times; she was totally central in the creation of The Fortress’s Writers’ Guild. Zuton would consider herself to be both a true Hawk, and a true Excaliban – perhaps because of her tendency to jump into large hordes of zombies with a song and a shotgun. Zuton’s philosophy is ‘If there is zombie killing to be done then it should be done in style’. And who can forget her unique, stylish Journeyman ABA? But the influence of Zuton spreads much further than her unforgettable and inspiring terms in the combat squads.

Voted into Council in 2008 we saw the tradition of level-headed characters being crucial in keeping the Council focused and objective under extremely tough situations. It was this mature, diplomatic side to Zuton that saved Excalibur from obscurity, that forged the Guild, and earned her a reputation – aside from what we already knew; a brilliant, beautiful, influential, motivational inspiration – as an insightful, free thinking and determined leader and without doubt, a Fortress Legend.

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