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If you have any additional comments on my suggestions or my votes, please post them here. I would appreciate it if you kept any comments constructive, short, and to the point:

  • Aw, don't take it to heart about the flax jacket thing. I had a suggestion that was so brutally spammed - and was so needlessly ridiculed as a person, you wouldn't believe it. Some of the people here are bastards, plan and simple. But I think deep down they mean well (well, maybe not all of them mean well ;-p), and want the game to be fun. Don't give up on suggestions (noticed you have one up now being voted on - with general acceptance), there are those of us who try to be constructive with our comments. --Blahblahblah 22:21, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Guard Suggestion

I don't think the AP cost is that big of an issue. Right now it's one AP, but it could easily be 5. I won't get to resubmit it with such a minor change. If I put a note at the bottom of the suggestion that some have commented that the AP cost is considered low by some and perhaps it could be higher than one will you change your vote to keep? --Jon Pyre 03:15, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Guard Revised

This version of Guard is automatic. There's no action to perform, you just get a message if you're at 45AP+ when a person is killed or a generator destroyed. If you use enough AP that you fall below 45 you won't see any of those events that occur until you get back to 45AP. So you could say something but you probably couldn't kill them, assuming they were still there. --Jon Pyre 07:35, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Peer Rejected 7 keeps 9 kills. I'm not very proud of this one. It was my first suggestion, and although I recognized the fact that it might hurt zombies when I wrote it, I didn't realize the full effect it might have on the game. That being said, many of the comments by the Algonquin Round Table of the suggestions page were dismissive, rude, and unconstructive. Hey guys sorry for trying to help!

So you know what it's like to be new. My main gripe is the fact that this spamming shit seems to go against Wiki's anti vandalism stance, in that the page is removed with all comments erased. Bitch.

Featured Suggestion

I'm just letting you know that the featured suggestion was removed from the suggestion intro and that I was told that it should go through the voting process. So I've put it up there for voting at on the talk page. I just thought I should tell you as you showed interest in the project. (Hopefuly we can get it up there!) - Jedaz 13:21, 7 May 2006 (BST)