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Archived the fourth of october

Ummm... Other group-related stuff?

Big Bash

If you haven't already knew but if you heard of the Big Bash they took over the city in a matter of days. In a turn of events me and my others retreated to Gulsonside and we were wondering if you could come with your group and defend the mall. Its really an dull zombie area not much zombies same as Kinch Heights. We can't let the Big Bash get this one they already tore down everything so lets just go for a last stand against them. Oh, good job spying on The Undeadites good thing too I always knew that you were a spy or least spied on zombie groups. We need that correct me if i'm wrong but I don't many human groups do that now a days. Send me an answer at my talk page.--Coolo 05:21, 18 July 2006 (BST)


Fixed the URL on your page to go here. You added an extra http:// --Arcos 02:44, 16 March 2006 (GMT)


Gee, thanks... must have slipped in somehow ;) --Certified=Insane


Hi there, this is the Hivemind speaking. We have received your complaint. Could you provide us with profile details of the offending players so that we may conduct our own internal investigation? Please accept our humble and collective apologies.

Urban Guerillas

I am the founder and leader of this group. If you need to contact us, you may do it through this talk page if you wish, thogh there are the forumsfor that.

Sorry, to what Radio frequency were you refering? Kripcat - I.U.S.S 12:40, 8 June 2006 (BST)

Sorry, I forgot to mention. It would be "Radio Rebelde", or something like that... One of your dedicated frequencies... I think I found the link for it on your page.

Oh ok, sorry, we only recently aquired the frequency. Kripcat - I.U.S.S 09:32, 9 June 2006 (BST)

Indeed, radios are something new, and I think that's a public frequency too? Even newer ;) -Certified=InsaneUG

About Fuel Co-Op radio frequency

Indeed, there is a good ammount of spam on that frequency. You might want to keep at least one person tuned into that frequency, but don't worry about it. On another note, I have to tell you; I, along with all the previous leaders of the GBP, have decided that it's time we move on (and there was a nasty incident involving me and some other groups, but that's a story for another time). So in light of that, I wouldn't suggest contacting me for any official GBP business. I'm keeping in touch with the people we put in charge in our place, but I am no longer the person to talk to about GBP or even Scarletwood stuff. I enjoyed my limited contact with you, and wish the best for your group. See ya. -- Buncy T GBP 21:54, 14 June 2006 (BST)

Not About Fuel Co-Op radio frequency anymore

No no, your group was fine, maybe a little underground for my taste, but we never had any problems or confrontations with you did we? No, the UG's were fine. Good luck with Scarletwood. Perhaps you should team up a little more closely with the remaining members of the GBP; I personally do not like what the Rangers and Angels are planning on doing within the suburb. In any case, good luck again. -- Buncy T 00:03, 15 June 2006 (BST)

Who's taking over? Well, one of the new leaders should be creating a wiki account in a matter of minutes, so I could set you up with her. You should also register on the forums (check the GBP wiki page) to help with communication, and ask for someone to join yours (if you have one). As for what they're doing (I believe that was your other question...), they're planning on taking over some southern buildings in Scarletwood, making them VS, and shunting in masses of new survivors to train them. Big. Ass. Zombie. Draw. It's one of the stupidest ideas I've ever seen. Gnah. -- Buncy T 04:34, 15 June 2006 (BST)

No idea

I have no idea what that's about. Anyhow...hello, I suppose. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by PadreRomero (talkcontribs) .

guess what,ever think maybe one of my best firends is a frikineg commie 2!i hate commies!look,sorry and ill but it back on

guess what,ever think maybe one of my best firends is a frikineg commie 2!i hate commies!look,sorry and ill but it back on

Socialists and anarchists

Yeah, one of my big goals for my two characters is to united the socialist/communist and anarchist factions into two groups, and then they can be an alliance. I mean, I think merging makes sense, but if no one else does, they can at least all unite in a union/alliance. And yes, I have seen exactly what you mean when you say the main problem is that most of them are inactive. Did you see that I added a bunch more to the socialist factions entry? Have you contacted all of them? By the way, in the real world, I am a communist, but in the game I am an anarchist who is pro-socialist/communist. But that's another discussion. If there is anything I can do to bring unity to the left anticapitalist movements on UD, keep in touch. I have posted plenty about such a project on the three UD messageboards I'm on, but I don't think there are very many socialists/communists or anarchists on them. I am also always looking for leftist zombie groups, like Eat the Rich. --Luigi Galleani 20:16, 10 August 2006 (BST)

Well, I think theyre opposition to leadership makes merging impossible, but not a loose alliance. I think there absolutely should be an alliance between anarchists and socialists/communists, but each of the two are too divided. The first goal should be uniting the socialists together, and the anarchists together, before they work on a bigger alliance between socialists and anarchists, I assume you would agree. Also, is there some way to find out or to measure if a group is officially inactive? Cuz that could cut the pile right there. --Luigi Galleani 20:34, 10 August 2006 (BST)

Well, they could merge among themselves. Also, with our numbers slowly growing, I'll see if I can dispatch a guerrilla or two to the IUSS's suburb, to tighten the ties between us... -Certified=InsaneUG 20:38, 10 August 2006 (BST)

Would it be alright if I turned the 'socialist factions' entry into a joint 'socialist and anarchist factions' entry? I know I've already partly done that, but I would like the go ahead to do it more so if that's okay with you. I was going to create an anarchist factions entry, but then I just thought, why not just merge the whole thing I've done so far with the socialist factions one and do some redirects. You okay with that? Also, could you teach me how to make a template or help me make one? --Luigi Galleani 16:56, 15 August 2006 (BST)

Sure, though there are no anarchist groups worth mentionning. As for the templates, I don't quite remember how, most of mine were made by others, exept for the QuébécoisSmall template on my user page... As for the re-direct, I'll do this now. -Certified=InsaneUG 17:05, 15 August 2006 (BST)

The whole OWS thing

I was curious, I=C, you are a socialist or communist, right? Well, it seems to me we're allies, and any socialist/communist/anarchist that is leftist, genuine, and principled is a comrade of mine. But we have a disagreement. What is your opposition to OBS? Is it the factual inaccuracies on the wiki page, the ironic satire of prejudice, or the specific concentration on identity politics, or something else all together? Just curious, and looking for a good discussion with someone who seems like they might be intelligent... --Luigi Galleani 05:27, 11 August 2006 (BST)

I find their "ironic" and "humurous" response to be of bad taste. The first time I read it was on the OWS page, since the author of OBS vandalized it, and it just went downwards from there. Though this might indeed not be his thoughts and feelings, some comments directly assault whites, and I cannot tolerate racist comments. -Certified=InsaneUG 05:32, 11 August 2006 (BST)

But those comments that may offend white people are factually accurate. On the OWS page, a lot of their comments offend Afro-Caribbean people such as myself. In fact, the whole thing is of 'bad taste' so remove both the pages & everyone will be happy. In the meantime, I am now starting a Non-White group called the Superflys. No Caucasian members allowed. And we're all gay...and there - CharlieMarrow 08:31, 11 August 2006 (BST)

Hahaha, wait a minute CM. I might be the only person on your side in this, and we may be the only people of color on UD for all I know (well, there are Asians too), but 'factually accurate'? That's silly. Few of them are factually accurate. But they are all generally funny, though I do get squeamish around pedophilia jokes. Also, as a self-righteous PC stalinist, the term caucasian is itself pro-white racism. Look it up if you don't believe me, it came from an anthropologist who believed whites were the supreme race and that the people of the caucasus region were the supreme example of whites...
...and C=I, have you studied a lot of the socialist/communist persectives on race and other identity politics? Generally, they agree that racism can not be perpetrated by an oppressed group against an oppressor group. By that logic, and most Marxist analyses and definitions of racism and racialism, OBS cannot be racist, though it can be prejudiced, and there is a world of difference. But in the end, it is very clearly a retaliatory joke pointed at OWS, and OWS may have been meant as a joke or not, but its designers sincerely believe in its mission. Personally, I still prefer OSW, my thing. Anyway, I don't think there are enough African diasporic players on UD for OBS to have worked if it was serious. --Luigi Galleani 15:31, 11 August 2006 (BST)

If you want to know why I find OBS so fucking offensive, it is because you say the following are factually correct.

  1. Started slavery.
  2. Founded the UN as a means of keeping Third World countries reliant upon 'aid'.
  3. Developed the rubber wheel, as a yoke.
  4. Discovered iron and used it to manacle human beings into slave ships.
  5. The traffic light, the world's premier cause of car accidents.
  6. War.
  7. AIDS.
  8. Government Housing, used to keep black people in segregated communities
  9. Science, used for war.
  10. Technology, used to enslave.
  11. Math, used to pay for slaves.
  12. Art, used to wrongly portray black people as less than white people.
  13. Rock and Roll, a bastardisation of African American soul music.
  14. Baseball, a sport kept popular by desegregation.
  15. Apple Pie, although the apples were picked by slaves.
  16. Dr. Pepper, the inventor of the Spinning Jenny.
  17. Texas, a place where black people are treated harshly, as the residents are paranoid bigots.
  18. Television, an Ideological State Apparatus, used by the Ruling Class (white men) to convey their bigoted and paranoid ideologies into the general society of most countries.
  19. Telephones, used to arrange terrorist attacks.
  20. The Internet, used for paedophilia.
  21. Religion, although this is in no way comparable to Faith, what religion wishes to be when it grows up.
  22. Sex between adults and children.

And while I can accept people saying "their country" invented something, even though it's an idividual, or a group of individuals, that's nationalism and to a limit it's acceptable, but wrongly associating those to the white variation of the human race is in itself racist. Also, I believe if you check the OWS:Talk page, you will find someone who points out how your "factually accurate" statements are wrong. -Certified=InsaneUG 17:34, 11 August 2006 (BST)

C=I, CharlesMarrow, can I just see both of you take a breath of fresh air? In the end, you're both on the same side, and you can be allies. There is no need to create a dangerous schism. So, let's talk it out. C=I, calm down and get a sense of humor. CM, don't claim that your list is factually accurate, because I know you don't believe that. Let's just smash this White Storm b.s. and work together, alright? --Luigi Galleani 17:42, 11 August 2006 (BST)

OBS simply lowers itself to OWS's level. You can go and kill them all you like, and they can kill eachother all they like, unless this event is somewhere between where I am right now and were I am heading for, and it'S within the next 2 days, I won't even attend it. If I do come across it, I'll fire a few flares then just leave, 'cause I can find better uses for my ammo. I'm just saying, instead of creating your own version of that event, you should have opposed it, as you have not become it's opposite, but it's equal. -Certified=InsaneUG 17:50, 11 August 2006 (BST)
Well, I'm in OSW and OTD, not OBS, so I know you're not talking about me. Three points- Firstly look, Black prejudice against whites does not equal white racism in any way. Seriously, we can talk marxism, and I really suggest you look into Black and African Marxist perspectives on the subject, but CM can't possibly equal what the Faggots are doing, who are themselves a skinhead gang. Secondly, OBS is a joke, so don't take it so seriously. Thirdly, think of it this way. There might be someone on a messageboard on the wiki or elsewhere who is white and defends OWS as not being racist. Then they see OBS and think that OBS is prejudiced. Then they can be called out on hypocrisy and racism. OBS can be used to reveal some players' biases. And apart from all that, I think it is the duty of socialists/communists and anarchists in UD to oppose white racism, sexism, and fascism where ever they rear their ugly heads in this game. Shouldn't that be one of our top priorities? --Luigi Galleani 17:57, 11 August 2006 (BST)
I fail to see how black racism would be acceptable when white racism is not. They are both equals. One simply has more supporters, which also tend to be more extremist and violent. As for black marxist, it is an inevitability. Personally, whenever I read books, I don't inform myself on the coloro f the author, 'cause I simply don't give a shit. I read the book and then I decide wether the author's some idiot, some misguided fascist, or an enlightened person, which may also be misguided (no, I don't categorize people within those categories, those are simply my most frequent reactions, in no particular order). All kinds of racism are to be equally opposed. Same goes for sexism. Women have suffered in the past. Women are still suffering in alot of places. But for god's sake when same lady comes to a talk show saying that a woman taking time off to raise her child is stupid and she should defend and better women's position on the economic level (that lady was also a capitalist, which lead me to really dislike her), that's unacceptable. Why? Because that women was saying that women are better than that, that they shouldn't do it. However, she was insisting men should do it, insinuating women are superior to men. People are all different, and if you want you can say because of colors and sex and all that, and I can tolerate that. But everybody is equal. If a person is "too good" for a job, the whole human race is. -Certified=InsaneUG 18:17, 11 August 2006 (BST)

Slavery - The main aspect I was discussing is the slave trade, started by America and Britain as well as other White-dominated countries. UN, white-dominated countries again created this. Rubber Wheel - That's true as well. Iron - Hard to say who discovered it but a lot of evidence points towards what is now Europe. And it was used for manacles in slave ships. Traffic Light - Was invented by a white man, and can be seen as a cause of road accidents. War - Going on for donkey's years, but the main 3 have all been white people in-fighting or against other races. AIDs - Mostly prevalent in Africa, but 1st World countries aren't doing enough to raise awareness or to assist the African countries with contraception, education and care. Government Housing - The US Govt is mostly white, mainly non-white races live in these 'ghettos'. Science - Devloped by the Greeks and refined during the renaissance. 99.9% of people involved were white. Maths - Again, a greek and also arabic discovery, since refined by western (white) society. Art - Cave paintings found in France. White cavemen doing the earliest art. DaVinci's the Last Supper portrayed everyone there as white even though Bethlehem is in an arabic country. Rock & Roll - Well that's just true. Baseball - Made popular by keeping black people and Jewish people seperate (Negro Leagues) Apple Pie - Maybe the apples were picked by slaves. Can anyone say that they weren't? Dr. Pepper - The name of a white (self-proclaimed) doctor who invented a main tool of the industrial revolution, The Spinning Jenny. A cotton spinning device. Therefore cotton demands exceeded supply, so slaves had to work harder. Texas - It IS full of that type of people. I never said all of the people. Television - That's just true. Telephones - Well they are! The internet - It is! Religion - That's true. Sex - Ancient Greece.

I rest my cases - CharlieMarrow 11:00, 12 August 2006 (BST)

I call bullshit.
  1. Slavery - The slave trade existed before America and Britain got in on the act. The Africans had been selling each other as slaves for a long time before that happened. They already had the culture and infrastructure there to start selling to the whites who merely had a much greater demand for slaves than their fellow Africans did.
  2. UN - Who gives a fuck?
  3. Rubber Wheel - No comment.
  4. Iron - It's a metal. What it has been used for is completely irrelevant.
  5. Traffic Lights - There were accidents before they were invented. .: you are full of shit. Again.
  6. War - Has been around since the dawn of time.
  7. AIDS - Look, I could go into a debate on this, but it is not the 1st world countries aren't doing anything: it's that religion is preventing it. Catholic and Muslim conservatives have actively preached against condoms and have done their utmost to undermine any attempts to educate the African nations. Regardless, when you have fuckwits like Robert Mugabe leading a country, denouncing AIDS as false, etc, etc, why fucking bother? The African continent has a >75% rate of AIDS. It's not like they aren't all going to die anyway. Why waste your money or your time?
  8. Government Housing - Was not invented by white governments.
  9. Science - Straws. You. Are. Grasping. For. Straws. Fuck. Wit.
  10. Technology - Completley and utterly neutral. It is who uses it that is to be blamed. Again: more of your bullshit.
  11. Math - Completely and utterly neutral. It can be used for pratically anything. Again: more of your bullshit.
  12. Art - Cave paintings in Australia by Aborigines. Paintings in Africa. Also: utterly irrelevant.
  13. Rock 'n' Roll - No comment.
  14. Baseball - Made popular by idiots who think Baseball is somehow "fun".
  15. Apple Pie - Grasping for straws, anyone? Really, Charlie, stop making yourself look like a fucking idiot.
  16. Dr. Pepper - Who cares that he invented it? It could've been operated by anyone.
  17. Texas - No comment.
  18. Television - Americans are fucking stupid, and gullible. What of it?
  19. Telephones - Again, completely neutral. Phones can also be used to warn of terrorist attacks, to call a hospital, etc. Again: more of your bullshit.
  20. Internet - Anything could be used for paedophilia. The technology itself is neutral in this. Again: more of your bullshit.
  21. Religion - Has been around since the first cavemen couldn't figure out something and blamed it on the boogey-man. Again: more of your bullshit.
  22. Sex between adults and children - Has been around for ages. Ages. If you can find when it first happened, then maybe you'd have a point. But you can't, and so... Again: more of your bullshit.
Xoid STFU! 11:33, 12 August 2006 (BST)
Hahaha, my god you are such a frigging dumb git. That's the whole point, it IS ALL BULLSHIT! WHO GIVES A FUCK WHO INVENTED WHAT?! But the point I am trying to put across is that anybody can put across bullshit like that in a completely self-explanatory and concise manner and make it look reasonable. But I, as well as many others, know that my version IS A JOKE, whereas OWS IS ABOUT RACISM!! Get that through your stupid teenage white male head before you start giving me shite you ass - CharlieMarrow 11:42, 12 August 2006 (BST)
Er... I just find it interesting that you, Charlie, are the one shouting over the Internet. Xoid is at least retaining some modicum of levelheadedness. Cyberbob  Talk  11:51, 12 August 2006 (BST)
Seriously. You are fucking thick. OWS is a parody of every white pride rally and white pride movement in existence. It's too stupid to be serious. White people invented water? WTF? C'mon, you cannot be that fucking stupid. Scinfaxi started it purely to piss off the Crossman Defense Force, but getting a reaction out of painfully idiotic individuals such as yourself is exactly what he wants.
The fundamental difference between the two is that one denigrates another race. Guess which one that is, genius. I know damn well your version is joke, but it's certainly not fucking funny. It's incredibly offensive because it is prejudical against a singular race as opposed to applauding one. Get that through your thick skull. If OWS is racist, so is every event designed purely to mock the white supremacist movement. If OBS is not racist, then making a page to falsely attribute shit to blacks is not. It works both ways. –Xoid STFU! 12:38, 12 August 2006 (BST)
Get that through your stupid teenage white male head before you start giving me shite you ass - CharlieMarrow

And that is why I oppose both movements. -Certified=InsaneUG 03:18, 13 August 2006 (BST)

Ditto. We've also got him making assumptions. I'm most certainly not a teenager. But that's beside the point. All of those drama stirring articles should be zeroed out. –Xoid STFU! 06:04, 13 August 2006 (BST)
How could I have forgotten this!
Llama.JPG Drama Llama
The Llama is watching you.

-Certified=InsaneUG 06:07, 13 August 2006 (BST)

Kinch Heights Barricade Plan

I like it muchly now. Thanks for all your hard work.

As for splitting up the suburb...I'll have to get back to you on that, after discussing it with my group. I doubt they'd have any issues, but I'd hate to be all totalitarian about it. --Kenny Matthews W! 18:28, 28 August 2006 (BST)

Aguest 30th, Well Insane I guess I was happy with Knigh Heights now and yet I recruited a few more soliders in Gulsonside but I guess I can send over Cooloo my friend to help out you guys since I have a personal vendetta aganist Linheart of the Zerg Hunters Unlimited Group hehe...they have been only hunting me now due to some untrue rumours but I'm in Buckley Mall right now or around it call me when you need me hehe I guess I can't belive i have the weight of two suberbs on me Gulsonside is a wreck and Knich Heights is calling me back...Choices I wanted to be in that agument that one sounded intersting and besides...I know alot about the subject but lets not get me into a heap of spam again for well...doing stuff that zombies and wikiers (new name for constent people here on the wiki) may not like I remember we were the all powerful Black Hunter Group who was to take over Knich Heights...not a good idea when I had 5 people in the group when i didn't know what the hell i was doing on the wiki. Then the anti scarced ground policy...all the mods got pissed at me for that which i didn't know what the hell i was doing then either. But now I made peace with people on the wiki or atleast Knich Heights groups, and some mods like xoid if not please say so and hehe my favorite template about me

Harmanspy.PNG Spies
This user thinks Coolo is the greatest spy ever.
oh something i picked up from counterstrike Huggles! XD --Coolo 06:38, 30 August 2006 (BST)
Cookie.jpg A FREE COOKIE
Coolo has given CertifiedInsane a cookie for Cause I can and for forgiving me for converting to a good harman group and due to some reasons that I may be going insane making me fucking hate kitties and they must burn!
Though the past must not be forgotten, and must be taken under consideration, it's only the future that really matters. Welcome back to Kinch Heights ;) -Certified=InsaneUG 18:16, 30 August 2006 (BST)
 :) Hmmm making templates is going to be intersting hehe I'm going to atleast try to make a template or a group was thinking of the cookie monsters for the reasons of sending out free cookies to random people over months.--Coolo B! 22:22, 30 August 2006 (BST)

Archived the seventh of october

Urban Guerillas

You are to keep clear of Dakerstown.--Duce Nauks 20:05, 27 September 2006 (BST)

No threat, It just be best if you were to go elsewhere. We just would not want a problem to arise.--Duce Nauks 00:02, 28 September 2006 (BST)

So sorry to hear so.--Duce Nauks 00:07, 28 September 2006 (BST)

Just another thought, your mission to claim Dakerstown. It has failed before it has started. We have, and have had Dakerstown since last December. Nothing personal.--Duce Nauks 00:10, 28 September 2006 (BST)

And we have a hard time taking a group called "The Urban Guerillas" seriously too. No offense but, wow, what a generic name.--Duce Nauks 00:18, 28 September 2006 (BST)


Hello Again

I'm sorry Insane but I was busy with High school pissing off the health teacher ETC. But any ways I rather not go on the forums but we can always talk here anyways I'm guessing I'm going back to Knich Heights and yet I'm going to go to Knigh Heights while me group will split into two now since I'm coming with some people. --Coolo B! 19:11, 29 September 2006 (BST)

Well you be quite happy that I'm coming back now to my homeland but now it will take about 2 more days until i can get there sorry about that i can't get there sooner.--Coolo B! 19:44, 3 October 2006 (BST)


Please do not impersonate other people on this wiki. If you continue this behaviour, you may be banned from editing the wiki. –Xoid STFU! 05:15, 1 October 2006 (BST) :By "choosing" what someone said, it's the same as if you typed up what you wanted them to say and signed it in their name. You remove the entire comment, including responses to it, or not at all. I will not tolerate people selectively removing people's comments. –Xoid STFU! 16:30, 1 October 2006 (BST) ::Problem solved. Enough said. -Certified=InsaneUG 16:36, 1 October 2006 (BST)

Archived the twelth of october

Can we stop this foolishness now?

There are three possible things that can happen here.
1) You leave, and don't return. This is a mutual agreement in wich we won't give your group crap, and vice versa. I will also remove the latest news articles from the Dakerstown page, and we can all forget about this.
2) You stay and keep fighting. This is a bad choice, seeing as how your not fairing well.
3) You leave, but then return. It doesn't matter if you bring your "Anarchist" and "socialists"; we'll still walk on you. Multiple groups have tried this, and we're still here. Counting this one, We've been through FIVE wars (Both in one suburb, and Inter-suburb). Though, I hesitate to call this a war, as it was only a small conflict.

I suggest you go for the first choice, but it is solely up to you. If you would be kind enough as to state your choice, I will go about taking the needed actions. Such as moving your status up from hostile to unwanted so you aren't fired upon, removing the articles showing the death of your men, and so on.

Thank you for your time in reading this.--Duce Nauks 02:13, 4 October 2006 (BST)

I meant at least tell me so I can erase that stuff.--Duce Nauks 19:53, 4 October 2006 (BST)

No, see that the thing I'm talkin about. If your going to retaliate, why should I bother erasing it? Do you follow?--Duce Nauks 02:15, 5 October 2006 (BST)

How dare you? We would not, and we did not. We fly our colors proudly. Tell me who you're talking about, so I can find and kill him.--Duce Nauks 19:28, 5 October 2006 (BST)

Probably, a bunch of our guys got schoolwork. I wouldn't be shocked at some inactivity.--Duce Nauks 01:26, 6 October 2006 (BST)

I highly suggest you stop talking. You're making yourself look worse and worse everytime you try to argue.--Duce Nauks 16:44, 7 October 2006 (BST)

I'm lookin FAR better than you right now.--Duce Nauks 18:34, 7 October 2006 (BST)

Someone attempted to reset my password... I hope that wasn't you now... ^.- It was time I got a secure password though... -Certified=InsaneUG 00:54, 8 October 2006 (BST)

Account Access Attempt was banned as a Open Proxy by Brizth son after "It" tried to change your password. Conndrakamod T CFT 01:31, 8 October 2006 (BST)

No it wasn't the same IP addy butIt wont be tolerated. In the very near future the largest portion of the open proxy's will be prevented from accessing the Wiki. Conndrakamod T CFT 01:40, 8 October 2006 (BST)


Erm, what'd I do wrong? ?_? --| scrapped | 04:27, 8 October 2006 (BST)

Oh, gotcha. XD --| scrapped | 04:30, 8 October 2006 (BST)

Archived the first of november

Dakerstown Issue

Please see the Arbitration Page. Conndrakamod T CFT 17:49, 13 October 2006 (BST)

Her's a Hint Cert, Before any major actions can be taken all reasonable actions must be atempted first. At the very least, trying Arbys allows others to view the parties and hands out equal amonts of rope to everyone. Conndrakamod T CFT 04:57, 14 October 2006 (BST)
Neither do I, but IF Duce hangs himself you will have both popular opinion and the majority of Mods on your side of the issue and that can be handy. Keep that in mind so you dont shoot yourself in the process. Conndrakamod T CFT 16:41, 14 October 2006 (BST)
And what did I say? :) Conndrakamod T CFT 04:46, 15 October 2006 (BST)
One maybe two more. perhaps not even that many if he comes out swinging after the first week. Conndrakamod T CFT 04:51, 15 October 2006 (BST)

Anything can be said on the Talk page, (whick I cleaned up and archived tonight btw). If it needs to Go on the Front page Let one of the Mods know. Although Duce is baned I'm sure there are otehr members of the IWM, and I want to make sure teh issue is resolved before Dakerstown gets its protection lifted. Conndrakamod T CFT 02:19, 17 October 2006 (BST)

Red Fraction

Not an issue... We have a good idea who is behind the Red Fraction IRL and rezalize the individual has to create multiple groups in multiple suburbs to attack us on multiple fronts, because he can't get enough people togeather to do one legitimate group. And even if he did he doesn't have the manpower to hit us. The DHPD has a LOT of people in it and we even have a couple of actual Communist, and at least one REAL LIFE FACIST, in addition to our Democrats, Liberals, Republicans. There is even one avowed memebr of the Gay-Neo-Nazi-Jews for Jesus gun and supper club. So we have no problem with leftist orgs unless they asssist in Zed opperations. Conndrakamod T CFT 18:48, 15 October 2006 (BST)

You should remind this person that 'fascists' are right-wing. And what is the 'Red Fraction'? --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 18:49, 17 October 2006 (BST)
Leftist meaning Socialist Groups, i.e. we (the DHPD) Dont have a problem with any groups socio-ecconomic and/or politcal philosophy. My comment about Facists in the group is an homage' to some of the right wingers in the group. Conndrakamod T CFT 22:14, 17 October 2006 (BST)
Oh and the Red Army Fraction is some nutjob in west becktown targeting Cops and other survivors who are part of "Police" groups like the DHPD or MPD under the guise of resisting opression. Conndrakamod T CFT 22:16, 17 October 2006 (BST)
Well, The fraction has a Wiki and vocal member, but I'm not sure it could be called a group. Conndrakamod T CFT 03:09, 18 October 2006 (BST)

The Answer is...

You said:

"...When's the last time a skill went into peer-reviewed?) -Certified=Insane☭ 22:35, 15 October 2006 (BST)"

And the answer is, 4 days ago: Advanced Digestion. --Funt Solo 22:54, 15 October 2006 (BST)


Medal.jpg Reward!
This user or group will give a medal to anyone who gets Duce Nauks banned.

I reckon you owe me an award or something--Gage 19:32, 18 October 2006 (BST)

I actually think he ought to post it on Duce's Page, as he did more to get himself Banned than anyone else did.I mean who in their right mind would create an alt account just to say "Could you unban X and Y, they arn't other alts... really." When you are already banned. Conndrakamod T CFT 21:30, 18 October 2006 (BST)

Dakerstown has been unprotected. Please keep it NPOV. Failure to do so will result in me kicking your ass over at M/VB. If the IWM has another member that wants to stir some shit over there, you come tell me and I will NPOV the section. I would advise you not to turn the page into a "Pimp my Group" page either. I much prefer you to Duce, but I realize that both groups were at fault in that case. Just be careful.--Gage 05:13, 19 October 2006 (BST)

Woooo! Banned!!

Yay! Duck Nuts got banned! Who banned him? --Grant Page 17:32, 19 October 2006 (BST)

I'm the one who Dropped the 365-Bomb after he violated both a 1 month ban and a 1 week ban in the span of 48 hrs. Conndrakamod T CFT 18:07, 19 October 2006 (BST)


I didn't know. ^^ --| scrapped | 02:05, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

Archived the seventeenth of november

Ah yeah, THAT

Yeah, I was meaning to start it, but that was before I joined UG.--Grant Page 19:58, 16 November 2006 (UTC)


We've been trying, albiet, unsuccesfully to get revives from Judgewood, Roywood, everywhere within the imediate area of Dakerstown except suburb 2 whose name escapes me right now.

Any idea where that Neastern revive is? I can't get onto UD right now, exceeded IP hits until 7:00 PM ish EST, so I've got time to check, but it would help if i could email the other memebers.--Corgano 20:30, 9 November 2006 (UTC)

Thanks Certified=Insane --Corgano 23:42, 9 November 2006 (UTC) Trying to get a decent network up at the momment, contacts that is. As it is three of us have cell phones in game, so we're trying to hock up with possible allies. If you don't mind, drop your ID at my talk page, I'll remove it when I see it. Once again, thanks. I think that the area around Dakerstown is lost. I mean, Peddlesden is where we have been laying low, trying to get everyone back to survivor status, and the entire place is over run with the various zombies that attacked caiger, or were already trashing the Dunnel Military Zone


Although there's no way to modify existing user names, if Kevan decides to install an extension I requested it may become possible. I'm sure you've encountered problems before due to the equals sign in your handle; with templates, maybe even more. I guess what I'm asking is; would you be willing to have your account renamed if the means to do so was added to the wiki? –Xoid MTFU! 11:04, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

'Bout the "tons of links" issue… we could get a bot to do the changes or leave a redirect from your existing user page while the old links are slowly hunted down. –Xoid MTFU! 02:18, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
Just reply here, it'll make this conversation easier to follow. About the special characters question; the equals sign is part of WikiML's syntax, as well as being frequently used in URLs; making it a doubly bad choice. I personally think that it [MediaWiki] should prevent creation of accounts that have any character that is part of WikiML in them. A little late now, you've been around for a while and this will be a minor pain in the arse, but the longer it's left the more work it'll be. By the way; you're not the only person who chose a character which makes things go… wonky, I'll be asking them if they'd like to change their's as well. Maybe even put a page for account renamings, so we don't have so many people making two dozen alts and losing their contributions. Would be a good idea to convince Kevan to install the extension first, but I wanted to see how well it would be received and how necessary it is before bothering him. –Xoid MTFU! 02:31, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
Yeah, the wiki also hates the usage of "é" for links and such, but fortunatly I didn't use any of those on this wiki... -Certified=InsaneQuébécois 02:33, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
How does it hate them? There is encoding in URL, sure, but that's standard as per the W3C convention. –Xoid MTFU! 02:44, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
Well, I had the same problems with my account "Chénier" and my page "The Chénier Family" on the BattleMaster wiki than I did with "Certified=Insane" here, the problem occuring with the "é", that got transformed to a few letters and a "%". -Certified=InsaneQuébécois 02:46, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
…that's the W3C convention I was talking about. It's perfectly normally behaviour. –Xoid MTFU! 03:17, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
Well I'm unaware what the W3C stands for, but anyhow, yeah, I'd appreciate a name change, so I'm all for this proposal. -Certified=InsaneQuébécois 21:08, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
World Wide Web Consortium. Responsible for the HTML/XHTML standard and a lot of other standards on the web. I was certain that URL encoding was their brainchild at the time I wrote that, but now I'm no longer sure. Still, they're worth looking into. –Xoid MTFU! 05:02, 5 November 2006 (UTC)

Would it fix some of the problems with renaming if A) anyone who adopted a new name had to have their old name(s) in their profile, and B) characters could only have their names changed a limited number of times? Maybe only once, or once every six months or something. But for me, I'm just waiting until the day we can change passwords. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 20:02, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

(It's about renamming your (my) account, on the wiki, not in-game) -Certified=InsaneQuébécois 21:10, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

Power stations V8.0

There's been more like 13 versions really. I was really well known for it, in a bad way. First it was too simplistic, then it was too complicated, then I thought I had a winner, but the Spam brigade nuked it from orbit. A few insults to my parantage and more than 10 uses of the f word layer, I gave up. (There's now a spoof of it in humorous) At 11 pm last night I thought up a revision that would work, made sense, and keep everyone happy. Your current suggestion is pretty good, and I would be supprised if it didn't make it to peer reviewed. (Don't be intimidated by the "ZOMG POWER STATIONS AR BAD N'STUF" branch of the spam brigade.)--Labine50 MHG|MEMS 02:06, 9 November 2006 (UTC)

Archived the second of december

I'd really appreciate your input

As somebody else who is also fed up of constant inane suggestions on how to "deal with PKing", I'd really appreciate your input on my own submission to the discussion. Thanks! --Garrett Fisher 22:24, 21 November 2006 (UTC)

The Malton Wall

Some of the guards on The Malton Wall shout down that your suggestion made it into Peer Reviewed. --Funt Solo 12:48, 17 November 2006 (UTC)

Awseome, a peer reviewed ;) (Blast he who took away my 100% approval!) -Certified=InsaneQuébécois 01:23, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Hello again

Heh...nice hearing from you again and yes I'm going after 4 little bug problems who need attending too and now I took out and stomped on 2 bugs now so well i guess i have 2 more to go now hehe.--Coolo B! 02:47, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Please Shut Up

Now. Amazing has his own little browser based game, with his own wiki, on which The General is a 'crat. Okay? Hush now.--Gage 22:19, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Users Creating User Pages

Put them on M/SD... we get tons of them--Gage 02:19, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

thanks comrade

Hey man, thanks for the template, I fucking love it. I'm deffinitly adding it to my profile. --Fireplay259

Archived the twenty-ninth of january

My PKing suggestion

Thanks for your interest in it, but I submitted the suggestion 2 days ago, perhaps you missed that already? I removed it again because of the just plain offensive SPAM votes and comments, and that was even from certain Mods - shamefully it brought out the inner child and caused the morons to chuck their toys out of the pram. And yes, I am Garrett Fisher. Check the link on my sig if you're not sure. --Panserbjørn 17:05, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Factory Production Lines

Your suggestion has started gift-wrapping other suggestions in Peer Reviewed. --Funt Solo Scotland flag.JPG 23:23, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

The Grove + The Dragon Noodle Protection Agency

Just looking into something about one of these guys making a claim about some 'well known' zerger in Judgewood we didn't recognise. Looking over their page I saw you had left a message about one of them breaking in as a zombie and killing someone. Just wondering if you knew anymore about the group seeing as they are claiming to be helping keep Judgewood safe and I'd never really heard of them. Cheers :) --MarieThe Grove 21:28, 12 December 2006 (UTC)

Opium of the people

Isn't it 'opiate of the masses'? Just checking.--J Muller 02:09, 17 December 2006 (UTC)

That's odd, I've always seen 'opiate of the masses.' Not that it really matters.--J Muller 00:41, 18 December 2006 (UTC)
Funny how you keep turning up on my watched pages list. Then again, most talk pages are on it. Hm. Anyway; Certified, I reckon' Muller's "right" in this case. –Xoid MTFU! 08:03, 18 December 2006 (UTC)
I can only point to this page... -Certified=InsaneQuébécois 21:02, 18 December 2006 (UTC)


Scout Pete's Lollipop.jpg
Can I hav' a lollipop?

Lil' Scalene Ridley has just asked you for a lollipop! How can you deny such a cute survivor's love for candy? Give him a lollipop on his user page right now!

(If you've been given this template, it means that Lil' Scalene thinks you've been taking things to seriously! Relax, and give him a lollipop as thank you!)


I would like to clear Dakerstown a little bit from those annoying IWM . Je suis québecois aussi ;)

Mais si tu veux discuter un peu plus tu peux m'ajouter sur MSN avec l'adresse


CGR Forums

Hey, I fixed the problem. Apparently some hacker deleted them. We have a new forum. Please come by! It's at --Franz Molotov 08:26, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

LOL, well we all noticed immediately ad ran around like madmen trying to get it right, but it worked out. Now we have a jukebox! --Franz Molotov 21:23, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

Dakerstown Archive

We keep most of the Archives protected to keep vandals from sacrewing with them... Conndrakamod TDHPD CFT 03:50, 3 January 2007 (UTC)

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