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Chris, please keep your User Page in the User space. It's just easier for everyone. -- Odd Starter talk | Mod | W! 00:02, 17 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Altered your Yagoton event post slighty to make it neater. Hope you don't mind. Welcome to Yagoton! --MorthBabid 20:12, 24 February 2006 (GMT)

An XxhonorableXdeclartationXofXwarezxX

Dear Sir I am pleased to see you have granted M Tek your high position of arch foe. I will as of today refer to you as the Joker of Team Batman if I remember. I contest your suggestions of lacking honor. I do appreciate however your sense of humour and respectful adversaries. I await your lead retort. Avec monsieur

Your most honorable enemy
-Banana Bear4
P.S. Sorry for that last kill I got on you, I did not realize there was still a zombie assault on the mall (I had been dead for some time), if I had known, you would have not been any sort of enemy. I apologize, and would love to form a peace, at least for the duration of the siege upon fair mother Bale.
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