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Policy Think Tank

Vehicle Suggestion Development

  1. Cars can only be found in carparks(4%)
  2. Cars require a gas can to run
  3. Cars do not require AP to move, but use a 'Move' provided by the gas can
  4. Cars move can make 120 moves on a single gas can
  5. Up to 5 players can be in a car
  6. Zombies who have 'Memories of Life' can open car doors and enter them. They count as a player. They can attack drivers while vehicle is in motion.
  7. Shooting out of a car is permitted, but requires 1 AP and 1 Move. Accuracy is halved.
  8. When a car runs out of gas, it sits at location until destroyed or more fuel has been put inside
  9. When a car moves into a location containing players (Human or Zombie) it checks for a hit(20%), if successful deals 10 damage. 1 'Move' is expended per player (H or Z) whether or not a hit was successful.
  10. A player may try to drive a car into a barricaded building. For every attempt there is a 25% of barricade damage, and a 25% chance of 'car explosion'.
    1. If barricade damage is successful then the barricade falls 1 point.
    2. If 'Car explosion' is successful then car is destroyed, and all the passengers are killed from Carbon Monoxide.
      1. The sound is heard 10 blocks away by all parties.
      2. 10 damage is given to every player on that square.
  11. Zombies who find a stalled car may either attack the car, or open the doors and attack the passenger.
    1. The car has life equal to a generator.
    2. Hit rate against the car is reduced the same as with buildings.
    3. When car is destroyed, 'Car Explosion' occurs, damaging all players external to the car. 10 Damage
    4. Players inside car are killed.
  12. Cars may actually enter buildings if they are >=4 city blocks, and are not barricaded, or ruined. (Malls, Stadiums, Etc.)
    1. If the car is occupied for 24 hours in the building, all players inside the car are killed.
  13. Players may disembark from a car at any time
  14. Car doors do not lock
  15. Cars moving through the street alert everything within 3 blocks in all directions.
  16. If a car is damaged, it alerts everything within 5-7 blocks.
  17. If two cars are in the same block, there is a 25% chance of collision, leaving both cars inoperable until repaired, or destroyed
    1. If a collision occurs each car has a 25% chance of 'Car Explosion', again alerting the horde
    2. If a car survives, it is damaged.
  18. Gas left is noted as Flavor Text. (The fuel gauge indicates a full tank, " " " " " 3/4 tank, etc.)

Experimental Barricade Policy

Player Needs:

  • Efficient AP spendage
    • Revive points
      • Bring humans back to life but tend to get clogged with rotters and Pker's (+--)
        Also causes AP to be spent in scanning and potentially bringing back a Pker.
    • Smart Barricading
      • Under-cading
        • Leaves buildings vulnerable to PKer's and Smaller Hordes
        • Leaves FR paths vulnerable
        • Potentially leaves Generators and equipment vulnerable to destruction
      • Over-cading
        • Non-resource buildings lead to an increased likely hood of pinatas
        • Over-cading locks out new players(-), recent revives(-), pkers(+), zombies(+)
        • Over-cading protects equipment
        • After Extremely Heavily Barricaded(0) becomes inefficient against the hordes.
  • Policy revolves around Free Running and Necrotechs
    • Free Running
      • Unstoppable force, giving survivors the means and ways to escape the horde
      • Requires networks to be worth anything
      • Most AP efficient way to move from building to building
      • Not the most AP efficient way to cross a suburb
    • Necrotechs
      • Heavily fortified and powered they effectively and efficiently knock down even the most stubborn rotters.
      • Nearly immovable objects. Giving time for evacuation or siege defense.
      • Usually are the turning point in a mall seige
      • Supply the most efficient way to kill zombies.
  • Policy allows new-players to get needed experience and safety
    • Experience
      • Hunting Zombies leaves player vulnerable
      • Outdoors are unsafe
      • Assist with sieges when starting out
    • Safety
      • Dark buildings offer accuracy protection
      • Ruined buildings are viable free-running entrances
        • Ruined building increase likely-hood of pinatas
          but require infected living to repair and barricade before dying.
      • Resource buildings, except for NT's are great hideouts for newer players, because it means that they can get experience in a relatively safe environment, it also means that they will get necessary experience from sieges.
  • Simplicity
    • Simple Maps
    • Easy To memorize
    • Easy To maintain
    • Flexible in design


  • Free Running
    • There needs to be 2-3 entrances in the East-West, and the North-South directions of the map, the closer to the center of the suburb the better.
    • The less an FR Lane changes direction, the better.
    • All other buildings on Designated FR lane are EHB
  • Resource Buildings
    • NT's
      • If there is only one NT in a suburb it should be EHB(0)
      • If there is more than one NT in a suburb, then one may be designated as a Rotter's Relief Clinic.
        Note: This is the only acceptable form of Revive Point accommodated in the EBP.
    • Hospitals
      • Maintain at VSB(+2)
        Unless Under seige
    • Police Stations
      • Maintain at VSB(+2)
        Unless Under seige
    • Malls
      • EHB always, all buildings that touch the Mall need to be EHB as well. This supersedes any other
    • Forts
      • EHB always, all buildings that touch the Fort need to be EHB as well. This supersedes any other
    • Auto Repair Shops
      • Priority to repair, allow the finding of Gas Cans
      • EHB(0)
    • Factories
      • Priority to repair, allow the finding of Gas Cans
      • EHB(0)
  • Non-Resource
    • Barricading
    • Dark Buildings


Skull n syringes.gif

Some time back, by CRES Doctor noticed the The Big Prick was beginning to stagnate, leading him to put out a call for individuals interested in helping TBP move forward. I have volunteered my services to help this happen. In my humble opinion, the idea behind the formation of TBP was among the more unique in Malton's history. In its time, it broke up the monotony that was quickly setting in and gave adventurous individuals a chance to try something new. It also helped de-stigmatize people regarding combat revives and make Malton a place where those of dual nature could have a chance to explore their separate agendas. As many of these issues are not as large as they once were, it may seem we have reached a time when Malton no longer needs The Big Prick. I say, it's not all about being needed. Do you still enjoy reviving zombies? Is your first response at a break-in to check for brain rot? Mine is. Being a prick is not a job, it is part of who we are, and though it may not need us in the same way that it once did, with the rise of Apathy and the decline of survivor groups in Malton, the city cannot afford to lose the Big Prick. Accordingly, I have begun reworking some of the format of TBP pages including a retool of the main page and the introduction of and achievement system that will let pricks gain recognition on their own time on their own terms. As a person who still chooses to fly the colors of TBP, I would appreciate your feedback on my talk page or on the TBP forum. Thank you for your time and may your syringes never be blunted. --Albert Schwan Albert Schwan  Friday, 31 August 2012

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