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Hmmm I pulled up the memebrs list on the forrum and it shows you as a member.... Try cleaing your cache, cookies and visited pages and try logging in again... your Board Profile shows "docdiva" and "Last Login Date: Jan 8, 2006, 7:50pm" try again and let me know if there is any more problems... if so I'll pm the Mods on the list and tell em you have been having problems logging on.- Conndraka out.

Ready and willing to provide aid...unless you deserve to have your head kicked in.

Your aproved on the forums...Sometimes takes Kart a few days... Its whenever she gets around to making the aprovals...

I Contacted the ADMIN for you on the list... I asked him to reset your account and/or send you an e-mail... Conndraka 2:24 (GMT) 1-20-06

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