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Thats a first, a friendly Z. Well, you killed me, my second in command, my third in command, all the way down to my seventh in command, but hey, I'm to lazy to hold a grudge. You have caused complete and utter chaos, and have put alot of work on my sholders. Just curious, is the rest of the Ridley Bank Resistence coming down? MajesticNinja

Shit. That is all I can say. And thanks for the offer, but I'll leave the decaying to you guys. If you're ever in Tapton, try and find me. You can try and mual me and I can try to shoot you. Seems fair? :) MajesticNinja

Hope to speak to you again. Well done for the chaos you've caused. I doupt that I could have caused as much damage.Keep in contact, and I'll make sure to usher any stragglers your way. Till next time, MajesticNinja P.S. Fire Axes are so barbaric, pistols are far more entertaining. This is especialy true whn you can make a zombie dance!

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