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To the victor go the spoils

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Have a nice day! )))))

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Been trying to reach you and/or the QSG. Anyone home? --Leon Silverblood 11:08, 30 May 2009 (BST)

Helo from pagans

We're going to kill you, eat you and then hang on the tree, shoot from crossbow, shotgun and hit by kinfe, then use fuel and BURN BURN by the name of Barhah and Mylene Farmer and other gods if you continue to help ugly decayed capitalist in Nichols Mall, Thanks. Freakazoit 08:42, 30 August 2009 (BST)

Hit by kinfe? Mmmmkay.
*insert eyeroll here* --Goolina The Kilt Store 03:37, 9 September 2009 (BST)
aaa... kinfe? no no no kinfe. A SWORD! Yes, sword will be better. An rusted poisoned sword. And coconuts. Freakazoit 04:53, 9 September 2009 (BST)
How about...a katana? I think that would be awesome. Coconuts would just be overkill at that point. --Goolina The Kilt Store 21:53, 12 September 2009 (BST)
kabana? yes, yes... banana's a good tool to punish those infidels. Take banana and kill 'em! You will be a Goolina, Kinfe Goddes of Nichols Mall Freakazoit 07:36, 13 September 2009 (BST)
Oh yes. I like it. --Goolina The Kilt Store Kinfe Goddes of Nichols Mall 01:36, 14 September 2009 (BST)

I found you!

I was combat revived inside The Went Building. Then, went inside Nichols to purchace new kilt and find first aid kit. I got black tartan kilt from store. For free of course. Then, my eyes found you siletly sleeping in corner and just opened my mouth to say something, but I was dragged outside by mindless one and killed. So, maybe next time. Blessed be. Freakazoit 08:36, 15 September 2009 (BST)

Dear Goolina:

I appear to have been zombienommed, but once I'm breathing again, I'll be looking forward to catching you on tour. --Sannok 17:12, 13 November 2009 (UTC)

Where are you

Hi ! How are you! Say to Kilt Store Owner - any pagans follower or ally will not kill him if they come to Stanbury, conflict is over. And how is it in Nichols. Freakazoit 08:41, 5 January 2010 (UTC)


hi! --Sexy Rexy Grossman 16:16, 9 April 2010 (BST)

Why Hello~

Howdy stranger. It's been a long time. :) Hope you still remember me. --Heiki 08:47, 22 October 2010 (BST)

Yo, Heiki! I hope you saw the message GG painted in the library. Before everyone got killed again, that is. --Goolina Golfing_with_OJ 23:38, 27 October 2010 (BST)

ur user pages is so.

06'? -- HEY! HANDS OFF MAH BOOBS!   bitch   COBRA!  אמת15:23, 26 September 2012