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Grisoft: Lone survivor of 209 Signal Squadron, 19 Mechanized Brigade. British Army

27 Dec, 2005 This is the first entry since finding this notebook. I have been alive now and in this city for approx. 3 weeks. Since I lost my squadron to the apocalypse I have been running from shadow to shadow, hiding from the hordes of zombies. I have managed to find some items:

A mobile phone, a flak jacket, a kitchen knife, a shotgun shell and a fist aid kit. I still have my issue pistol.

I killed my first zombie the other day. I suspect there will be many more.

1 Jan, 2005 I have been busy since the last entry, I have been training hard with my pistol and shotgun, I am as accurate with the pistol as I think i can be and I am getting better with the shotgun. I have been on the outskirts of Fort Creedy, in Fennessy Police Station. I have been there for a few days, but the barricades have been breached twice in as many days. I was asleep both times. The last time they got in I was bitten. I got infected, but luckily I had a first aid kit with me.

I have retreated to Fort Creedy, as the police station has a lot of infected people there. There are 200 survivors in here, I am planning to get a few raids on lone zombies in the future, I just need to stock up on some ammo, and first aid kits.

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