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My Talk Page

Hello, and welcome to the Talk Page of HerrStefantheGreat! First off, let me thank you for visiting my page. I appreciate your patronage, and hope you enjoyed my page.

Please place any comments or information below the last thing on the page, using the two = signs on either side of the title, to keep it seperate from that which is above it. I will add titles to/ move anything I deem to be stuck in any old place, just for the sake of tidiness. Please also add four dashes/ hyphens (they're the same thing) on a line at the end of your new topic, to seperate it. I will do it if you don't. Anything I deem insulting shall be deleted without exception.

Any responses to comments left by other people, or in addition to your own, should be added, using colons to indent it (every reply should have one more colon that the reply before it) so I can see where the new comment is, and each should be on a new line.

I will archive my talk page every now and again, so please don't compain that your stuff is gone, but also don't edit my archived items - they are finished with.

Any Unsigned comments will be deleted or a signature added (isn't the History a wondeful thing) as I see fit. Deletion is most likely.

Finally, please try and avoid swearing, as it isn't very pleasant to read.

Thank you for helping me keep my page tidy.

Please Post Below This Line

The Lockettside Boys

Sorry for being so late, been side tracked with other things and no one else in my group seems willing to mess with the wiki. I am sorry if I came acrossed rude, I am unsure as to what extent things were since word was passed onto me. As far as recent events everyone seems to be happy, no further problems have been reported so I assume you have handled things. Once again I am sorry for the delay in responce and the problem itself. Thanks for your patients and cooperation. -- Riggs

Suggestion Vote

Hey there, you recently voted Spam on the "No One At Home?" suggestion, and since I'm not the author I won't "re:" your suggestion but just mention This here. I do agree that it seems silly for a survivor to knock something over on the way in and not notice it, but this suggestion didn't propose that, but more along the lines that it will cost a separate AP if they did. That's just how I see it making sense. --Burgan 19:49, 17 August 2006 (BST)

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