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Hello from Shiro Tagachi

We are quite pleased that you enjoyed our wikipage of ur group. However, you and your group should seriously consider learning how to spell our name " Holtzfeller said "Thanks, happymondays. So I went by Bone Towers --- empty save for the grafitti: 'Home base of Sushi Tamagotchi'. Hmm. Did you beat me down there, Perry?" (36 minutes ago)" Yes, we were watching your chat. You can be sure that if you mispronounce our name in the future, we will bring wrath down upon you similar to what happened yesterday. It was probably also smart to kill Thomas Rage, as he was our spy.

Regards, Shiro Tagachi


Wow, that's great. I didn't know who you guys were until today. Now I do. Now, why don't we go edit our respective user pages, kiss our moms goodnight, and have a nice day?

Oh wait. That's not how this works, is it? Shucks.

Have fun.


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