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Welcome to the Wiki!


If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to drop by my talk page. Welcome to the Wiki! --Bob Boberton TF / DW 21:15, 17 June 2009 (BST)

Please only edit correct information

In this edit, you changed Ketchelbank's only revive point from St. Matthias's Church to St. Pius's Church. However, St. Pius's Church is in Brooke Hills, not Ketchelbank. Therefore, you gave out a false information which can be confusing to other readers, not to mention that the link became a red link (i.e. broken), since it link to a non-existent article. I've changed it back to the correct version. Please always check that your information is correct before making your next edit. Thank you. -- Kittithaj 23:49, 23 July 2010 (BST)

you hav to resign

use ~~~~ your vote does not count atm. xoxoxo -- The preceding signed comment was added by these amazing looking bitch 14:54 30 March 2011 (UTC)

Fixed it for you. Wink Next time, just sign by typing 4 tildes (~~~~} or pressing the Button sig.png button on the edit toolbar. Cheers! ᚱᛖᚢᛖᚾᚨᚾ 01:23, 31 March 2011 (BST)

No, it still does not count, despite you (revenant) trying repeatedly to get votes under this situation to count. Sorry Kiera but you will still need to attend the page again and use the four tildes to have your vote legitimately counted, as is said in the rulebox to the right of your vote. -- ϑanceϑanceevolution 07:42, 31 March 2011 (BST)
Seriously, DDR? Wow. Just… wow. Worst. Wiki. Ever. ᚱᛖᚢᛖᚾᚨᚾ 23:15, 31 March 2011 (BST)
Then find a better one. As for Keira, I'm sorry, but those are the rules. You have to abide by them if you want the vote to count. -- ϑanceϑanceevolution 02:24, 1 April 2011 (BST)
I haven't yet given up on trying to improve this one, thanks! Icon rolleyes.gif But yeah, Keira, if you see this in time, you might want to just pop in and re-sign your vote so it can't be contested. :) ᚱᛖᚢᛖᚾᚨᚾ 03:41, 1 April 2011 (BST)

then it wont cout im not fussing with this i have too much other stuff to deal with, thanks though. --Keira Bambini 20:57, 3 April 2011 (BST)

You got it. That is how you sign properly. Thanks for taking the time to do so. Remember the easiest way is to click the Button sig.png in the edit screen.--Cat Pic.png Thadeous Oakley Talk 21:00, 3 April 2011 (BST)
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