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Me a Mod?

Help support me to be a moderator. --Deathnut RAF 18:00, 6 March 2006 (GMT)

Malton Fire Department

The DEM has personnel in the your groups area, and we are aware of the mounting assault. We are in communication with Paradox already, and would like to pull together as many groups as possible to make as organized a resistance as possible, focusing on Roftwood where the main assault appears to be at the moment. Initial organization is taking place in this thread. We have a private forum for discussing the details. --Gilant 20:24, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Alliance of Giddings

Hey, my name is Saromu. Former Councilor of the CoL, leader of The Stanbury Renegades, member of the PA Rebel Alliance, and co-founder of the Alliance of Giddings. The AoG has been around for about a month and we've been growing fast. We started as the Giddings Defenders, 300-400 guys defending Giddings from the Mall Tour. We couldn't see our alliance to just end when we lost so we created the Alliance of Giddings. It's an Alliance of groups founded on the idea of Giddings Mall, groups coming together to fight zombies and help each other. We now control Pitneybank, Peppardville, Spracklingbank, Starlingtown, Pimbank, Miltown, and Pennville.

We've already created an alliance with the RAF but did not realize that they were part of your alliance. We mean no offence in that, we were moving west and wanted to make sure we had permission to pass through Roftwood. We should have asked the Alliance running the suburb, you guys. So my point is, would it be ok for us to ally with you? You do not need to join the AoG, just ally so that we will never go to arms against each other. Saromu 22:54, 24 February 2006 (GMT)

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