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This is my talk page. Please add a title to each separate conversation you wish to have with me. Thanks.


Dear Fellow franchisee,

Due to Atari Techno's apparent mysterious dissapearance, McZeds currently needs a new manager. I believe that in the interests of security, we should do this via vote. If you can choose 1 wiki active franchisee, including yourself, or abstain. If you could contact the other managers that don't have wiki accounts and get them to voice their choice, that'd be great. However, the votes will be recorded on the wiki, on my talk page, so make them get an account first.

Many Thanks,

Stuartbman manager of 5 Yagoton McZeds locations.


Justice.PNG Inactive?
It appears that you have not made a contribution to the wiki in the last four months, and have been put up for demotion as an inactive sysop. Please let us know if you're around, and really still interested in maintaining the wiki. Thanks -- boxy talki 04:30 31 January 2008 (BST)