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Right....errr...suppose I better make notes, even though technically I'm off duty...

12th October 2009 - I am to embark on a tour of every pub in Malton to spread the word of The Rambling Drunks, could this be the longest Pub crawl in Maltons history?

1st October 2009 - After being too intoxicated to make the last pub crawl, I am standing down as Fearless Leader, I will continue to be a Rambling Drunk however and preach the Gospal of St Arnold.

3rd November 2008 - In the midst of the Zed onslaught, the drunks and playboys professed drunkenness to be the better part of valor and went on an almighty pub crawl.

11th March 2008 - The Drunks have been scattered far and wide by the zed onslaught. I've not seen a fellow drunk in weeks, and belive me, I tried every pub in the south of Malton.....So I'm going back to the Membery....yeah I know, single handed but WTF, a drunks gotta do what a drunks gotta do....

31st Jan 08 - After being breached and ransacked a couple of times the Membery is back in shape. I am seriously considering a recruitment drive for the drunks as our numbers have dwindeld. Only Reid, Karter and Froot are present along with a few regulars from Axes High and Craske Building International Playboys.

21st Aug - Life is good at the Memberry. We've Craske Building International Playboys AND Malton Tours in at the moment. The drunken days a blurring....But one thing stands out so far, sweet Morgan Hines...MMMMmmmmmmm, now there was a night to remember. Oh, and Gomorrah, our resident randy zombie drunk.

30th July - The final days of The Rambling Drunks pub crawl. Only 4 of us made it, but by God, what a gloriously drunken time we've had. To celebrate I'm off the the Alner Mansion, that tight rich bastard must of hid some champers and good wine some where....I can smell it! Down to the cellar! AHHHHHHH Chteau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac 1986 for the lady, there go you Kajie....Chteau Margaux 1995's for Reid...and one 4 u Kornkob....Chteau Haut Brion Pessac-Lognan 1982 for me, and a Clos du Mesnil Chapagne each 4 the walk home.....Tho I might keep mine for the guys back at the Memberry.....

18th July - Still recovering from Biertag 07 - Which says something for what went on. Shame only Reid and I made it from our fellow ramblers. Right, stocking up to be done them back the the Memberry Arms. Where are those Alka Seltza?????? Thanks to Caleb Usher and The Burchell Arms Regulars and all the others who took part for a such good time.

End of Juneish/Early Julyish - With the sacking of Ackland Mall, and the Memberry under constant Zed attack, we Ramblers went on a pub crawl....all the way to McCloud's Pub, and then errrr, well the hospitality was so good we kind of stayed almost till Biertag. Ok ok it wasn't a very good pub crawl, more of a there n back, but come on we're drunks!

22nd June - Stocking up at Ackland Mall, which is currently under siege. First Mall defense....oh we go!

8th June - Would you adam and eve it! Got dun over by a horde while sleeping a off hang over. Dragged my filthy zombie self over to a cemetery for a revive , and another dirty zombie ate two reviver's working the manor! Nothing should surprise me in this place, but it's right bang out of order, and if I'd have had the where with all I'd 'ave nutted the basket case. So there's me thinking I'm truly stuffed, when low and behold! A Bandit Queen comes to my aid! So a big thank you to Gwendolyr, hat off to ya darlin'. (

7th June - Proud to say this is one copper not on his jack jones to meet my drinking partners The Rambling Drunks. Suppose I better get the first round in.


Thanks for that. Have a good 2008. --Kevan 12:30, 9 January 2008 (UTC)


I've stopped playing urban dead completely now so i promoted you on the forums and you should feel free to take the group in what ever direction you think is best. Good Luck and have fun. also if you need anything from me or Manliest Man or Ned just drop me a line on my talk page and I'll see what i can do. We are all active in Nexus Wars so feel free to come by and play if it strikes your fancy. --Barroom Hero 04:13, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

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