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As of 12/19/06 Grinter Cinema is celebrating Christmas!!

A portable generator has been set up here. It is running, and powering a radio transmitter that's currently set to 27.80 MHz. A plastic Christmas tree has been set up here, decorated with green and white lights.

4/1/07 :


Template work

RPMLogoSign.gif RPM
{{{User}}} Is A Member of the:

Reformed Pennville Militia


Formerly allied with PFM, then left for dead.Now with the RPM Spacer finds most of his time spent travelling between the Mall and the Armory wasting Zombies, and reviving citizens...

Class: Civilian

Level: 40

Group: Reformed Pennville Militia

          Former member: Pennville Freedom Movement

Joined: 2005-10-20 00:26:12

Home Suburb: Pennville

Currently: Making peace with the GCM and GCM Radical Redeemers...Gathering members to the RPM...


   * Basic Firearms Training 
         o Pistol Training 
               + Advanced Pistol Training 
         o Shotgun Training 
               + Advanced Shotgun Training 
   * Hand-to-Hand Combat 
         o Knife Combat 
         o Axe Proficiency 
   * Free Running 
   * NecroTech Employment 
         o Lab Experience 
               + NecroNet Access 
   * First Aid 
         o Surgery 
   * Diagnosis 
   * Shopping 
         o Bargain Hunting 
   * Body Building 
   * Tagging 
   * Construction 
   * Radio Operation 
   * Headshot 

Zombie Skills

   * Scent Fear 
         o Scent Blood 
         o Scent Trail 
         o Scent Death 
   * Digestion 
         o Infectious Bite 
   * Vigour Mortis 
         o Neck Lurch 
         o Death Grip 
         o Rend Flesh 
         o Tangling Grasp 
         o Feeding Drag 
   * Memories of Life 
         o Death Rattle 
         o Feeding Groan 
         o Ransack 

   * Lurching Gait 
         o Ankle Grab 

Died: 99 times

First died: unknown

Last Died: killed as a revenge by tessutit(for killing AlgoFinland during the GRR! vs PFM conflict)) (September 15th 2006)

old info

Personal Log

Personal log abandoned due to inability to remember to update...

who am I?

Spacer One first came on the scene after the epidemic was in full swing. He took up residence in Pennville, helping its citizens where he could. Finding his own assistance to be all but worthless as a single individual, he Joined up with the PFM. Internal troubles (1 2 3) caused the PFM to disband and reform as the RPM. As a founding member, Spacer has vowed to keep the memory of the PFM alive, and honor its views. Currently patrolling Pennville with the RPM, and continueing to keep residents safe from the Zombie hordes.

Reformed Pennville Militia

and our territory


Game Cavemen


and their territory



and their territory Here

British Military Corps

Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service

Keep an eye on

The day that lead to the RPM



MrFusion.jpg Mr Fusion
This user believes Zombies should be used as alternative power sources.

Awesome. I'm using it and the RPM template. Just been busy again, plus I don't check my wikipage often. 1-20-08 12:55pm Ilia SparovichRPM

Excuse me

You do not create personal pages for each of your alts outside of your own userspace. You did it right at first then you split it off into a nonexistant user page. I have remerged the pages back into your userspace, and am altering the relevant links as i type this message, upon completion the original pages will be deleted. Your pages can now be found at User:Spacer one/Athair bas and User:Spacer one/Athair bas/history. --The Grimch U! E! 21:01, 9 September 2008 (BST)

Response to what you posted on my talk (Reposted here):

Its not a huge problem, just more work to do. I run around with a pker alt, but no one mistakes that for my other ones, then again those are either zombies or idle, but all the same. People may be stupid, but there arent all that many stupid enough to make the mistake. --The Grimch U! E! 21:08, 9 September 2008 (BST)
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