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This is my talk page. Squideshi 04:09, 16 March 2012 (UTC)

Good day and well met!

Nice in meeting you. Noticed you have updated Agathius General Hospital with recent data. Happened to be able to provide even fresher info on it's status. Here is the copy of my report which I pass onto you in hopes more work on revitalising renewing barrack's plans across the suburbs of Malton is to become true and useful for all honest decent citizens out there.

3rd of June 2013

"Here is my updated report for anyone that might read to find it of good use. Barricade status : Extremely Heavy - should attack barricades lowering them to Very Strongly Barricaded allowing access for survivors and citizens seeking refugee cures & F.A.Ks. Currently,there is one zombie lurking outside,in search for weak prey to munch upon - approach with caution." Concerned Citizen shares bits of his concernful knowledge accumulated through trials errors & hardship facing the hordes: "Zombies will most likely group or scout tactical buildings such as Hospitals where injured,infected people may happen to pass & be easy prey;especially if the barricade level is above Very Strongly,which will restrict entering the building directly. Other means of gaining access to buildings that are above VSB is having the Free Running skill. CAUTION : one still has to first find and enter a building at VS barricade level;only then may benefit from the above mentioned skill,passing from one building to another. BUT : clicking on any other than a building (monument,road/alley/boulevard/plaza,wasteland) will get you out in the open ALSO : if you happen to try and use F.R. to cross from one building you are in to another that has been ransacked destroyed ruined by anyone or anything out there,you will get a message saying your way is blocked & end up outside of the location you've selected to go to. My own 2c on barricades is that most of the barricade plans are outdated overrated,many buildings would necessitate updates. A good simple use of the barricades benefiting survivors would be having ALL buildings with active survivors,taking care of them,set to Very Strongly Barricaded allowing all humanoid life forms to seek shelter,easily traveling around and about;each suburb may have their citizens holding up a few key buildings:at least one of each hospital,NecroTech for revival,Police Station ,Factory,Armory,Tower with running antennas,etc. Of course,if any survivors in or out the respective building should meddle with the VSB barricade in any way,that individual may be questioned...zombie groups & supporters have a habit of either crushing barricades or raising their level so high rendering the buildings useless either for entering or leaving them. Nasty,eh?Well,that's what I'd like to report after watching quite a lot of buildings around Malton and seeing which strategy is plaid;there is need for balancing and better organisation. One last though - any other buildings that would not be in use by several active survivors,should be barricaded to the highest level possible or left in ruin - zombies have no use of ruined buildings except for sleeping in them,but that's about it." -editing coming up Concerned'Citizen 21:45, 3 June 2013 (BST) end of transmission.

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