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Talk to me if you need to.


While you may be a PKing douchebag, Strata...

You're hilarious. I was looking at Scour The Earth's pages, and obviously noted the 2nd grade English. But

"Hay this is a Relly good Idea. Can I plz join ur grope? I sounds Cool"

was the best thing I'd seen in months. Continue on, "Justic Inforcer". :) Mikhos 19:27, 27 March 2008 (UTC)

Nice escape

But i'll get you next time ;) --Michalesonbadge.pngTCAPD(╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ 17:48, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

Certainly, I'm surprised you didn't get me there. I was already in poor shape when your buddy found me. Also, I'll stay out of unlit buildings if you will. --Strata 18:02, 2 December 2009 (UTC)
Sure, wheres the fun if nor risk is involved.--Michalesonbadge.pngTCAPD(╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ 18:28, 2 December 2009 (UTC)
Indeed, all dark buildings have done is waste time and make Malton less deadly, and I disapprove of making anything less deadly. --Strata 18:50, 2 December 2009 (UTC)
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