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Aichon 13:54, 2 October 2009 (BST)

Recent News for suburbs

I wanted to quickly address some of your recent edits to Penny Heights and New Arkham. Specifically, I noticed that you were updating the Recent News section with what appear to be updates that you produced yourself. That is, you created some text in a similar format to the older updates you saw there, and then posted it. The problem is that the format used for the older updates has a specific meaning that is not applicable to your update.

To be clear, all of those other updates that have the 25.96 before them are updates that are issued by the External Military as it flies over the city in the game. They periodically issue External Military Reports over the 25.96 radio frequency, allowing survivors who have radios handsets to tune into that frequency in-game and receive those updates. Survivors then copy those messages verbatim, come to the wiki, and paste them here for others to see. Since the messages that come over that frequency are automatically generated by the game from the actual condition of the suburb, we can trust that those updates are 100% correct. They also use preset phrases that can be used to automatically update the status of suburbs without the need for editors to handle it all manually on the wiki.

In contrast, while user-reported updates are certainly permissible, and are even common in many suburbs, they need to be able to be identified easily as coming from a user and not an impartial source such as the External Military updates. Since your edits appear to come from those updates, it has the potential to create confusion, especially among new users who may not recognize that your edits do not follow the format for those messages.

I've gone ahead and modified your edits to make it clear that they are from you, rather than the 25.96 frequency. It looks like you were acting in good faith and made an honest mistake in this situation, which is something we all do from time to time. But for your future reference, there's nothing wrong with posting your own news updates on that page (within reason, of course), just be sure to make it clear in the formatting that your updates are your own and are not from some other source. Cheers. Aichon 14:03, 2 October 2009 (BST)

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