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About your Suggestion


In future, before suggesting, please use Talk:Suggestions. This page is where suggestions that are "Work in Progress" can be screened for dupes, and have general balance checks on them. Most suggestions that get screened through here with positive feedback pass. Be very careful when suggesting, to make sure that it is not a dupe. Use the search bar and use keywords (to find the dupes for your suggestion, I simply used "boxing.") Finally, as a general rule, minor fixes such as this one usually pass, while major changes rarely do. There are exceptions, of course. Generally, weapons suggestions, new skills and new buildings rarely/if ever pass.

Also, I've noticed that you are eligible for this template. Welcome to the wiki!

If you have any questins, please use my Talk page.

Thanks and farewell!

Linkthewindow Talk 23:33, 11 October 2008 (BST)

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