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Great job on the revification point map! Excellent idea and great implementation. --Brizth 10:12, 11 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Vasi, how difficult would it be to design a bot that could do scheduled protections (like, for example, Suggestions vote closing)? A bot that could do such a thing (and could be run without human inteference) would be very useful indeed. -- Odd Starter talk | Mod 13:17, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Er, "protections" as in stopping users from editing a page? I've never admin'ed a wiki, so I don't know exactly how to do that. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a url like , which my script could do like so:

$ud->wikiLogin; $ud->wiki('Foo', action => 'protect')

I'm not sure how that relates to the Suggestions page. If you just want VasiBot to remove entries with >= 3 Spams, that's probably not too hard. Moving suggestions to the 'Previous Days' pages and eventually to the Reviewed/Rejected/Undecided pages is a little harder, but doable. I'm glad you have Special:Export enabled, that will make it easier.

The really tough thing is when somebody changes their vote without removing it. Sometimes they strike it out, sometimes they reply to themselves, there's no standard way so a script can't understand what to do.

Vasi 14:06, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)
You'd be correct on the url, although the page it links to sends a "reason for protecting" and requires a checkbox to confirm the protection. I was curious because a protection-bot would be useful in setting up scheduled protections, and would mean that us Moderators wouldn't have to keep reminding ourselves to do it (because I know that I for a fact am horrible with remembering this stuff).
The rest of the Suggestions stuff I actually don't care about, and am aware of the issues involved. Just a bot that can make the required intro change and protect the page (or hell, just a bot that merely protects the page), is all I'm really interested in. -- Odd Starter talk | Mod | W! 14:43, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Aha, I didn't get before what you meant by vote closing. It's definitely doable, but I'll have to know exactly how the protection process works in MediaWiki's HTML, and have some way to test things. There's apparently a pymediawikibot implementation of protection for Wikipedia, which will help a bit.

If it's possible for you to let me protect/unprotect just one page (or a small subset of pages), I can put together the script you want.

Vasi 15:03, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Ok, I installed my own private mediawiki to play with, so I could figure out how protection works. The new now supports protection through the method wikiProtect. You can also get the source of the current page with wikiSource, so you can change the intro template. -Vasi 06:57, 13 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Revivification Requests

I noticed you have a wiki page for the Santlerville Cemetery rivivification point (where I was just revived, thanks!). On the wiki page you point people to that pages discussion section to requests revives. JIK you were't aware of it, I wrote a Revivification Requests Management tool for that specific purpose. Please feel free to link there for managing requests. It's what I wrote it for. :) --Gilant 12:58, 14 Feb 2006 (GMT)

It's writen in Perl (that's what I do for a living actually). It was broken breifly both yesterday morning and this morning as I was making some cosmetic changes. Yesterday I was hoping to make a quick change that would color the row for anyone on our bounty list, but didn't have time to finish. When I get that working I'm entertaining also colorizing entries for other things. Including perhaps an alternate version for DEM only (?) to note people on our DNR list. This morning I had a typo after some cosmetic changes.

I understand your annoyance over people moving. Obviously there isn't anything I can really do about that. My personnal solution however has been to only bother with requests at a local RP. If the first person I look for isn't there it's likely there are others waiting. ... Perhaps that would be more useful, coloring requests at an established RP (including sacred ground)?

PM me on brainstock with your email address and I'll send you a copy of the code if you want. --Gilant 17:12, 14 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Changes on your page

I made some changes in your page, most of them because you placed your different character's pages on the main namespace instead of your own userspace. I hope that doesn't bring you a lot of trouble. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRC | T | W! 23:25, 19 July 2006 (BST)

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