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Ire-Awry S.T.F.


I noticed your attempt to contact the Ire-Awry S.T.F. group. If they don't wipe it, as they have without any other response to my challenges, you may see my post on the Shearbank discussion. I'm pretty sure "they're" zergers. One of the characters has another character's name as AIM screenname. So it isn't even a small group "updating" the Shearbank's UBP; but just one player. Arrogant at best, possibly a saboteur at worse. In my book clone zergers, whether as full blown armies or commando groups like this, are worse than Z infiltration.--The Envoy 16:23, 2 October 2006 (BST)

Shearbank UBP

Hi there,

Nice work with the UBP map for Shearbank, it is always good to see initiative. However, I do have a few observations and suggestions for you, which I hope will be helpful to you.

The Freerunners and The Shearbank Resistance (my group) have been the most prominent survivor presence in Shearbank for a few months now and we have established Owsley Cresent PD 53,25 as an entrypoint to Stickling and have been keeping Dundas 52,25 at EH. This makes more sense to us as it follows the rule of thumb that resource bldgs should be VS+2.

52,22 is wasteland and cannot be barricade.

I agree that the junkyard 51,22 at the NW corner makes a good entry point, and my group would be willing to switch it from its present EH status, but we may meet with some resistance from other quarters. We can try it for awhile, but keep the Bridle Museum in mind as an alternative.

Make Meeker FS 52,26 VS for two reasons. 1)alternate mall entry 2)resource bldg

Make Borrer PD 53,27 EH to balance changes to OCPD and MeekerFS.

If you want another of the 4 PDs to be EHB (which does make some sense), I would suggest Farrant 55,21 as a replacement to OCPD. To ameliorate the dense cluster of EH bldgs which would result in the NE corner, you could make Holyrod Bank 56,20 VS. This would spread out the entry points in the NE (currently Farrant, St. Christopher and Lessley PD are all enterable). This would also provide an nice entry to the NT bldgs just north in Millen Hills.

we have 3 hospitals, one or two should be EH w/gennies to take advantage of surg skill, I would suggest Lazarus 56,25. Make Thorne Arms 55,26 VS as an entry to Lazarus H.

make autorepair shops EH (i.e. Upham 50,28); low levels shouldn't waste time looking for fuel anyway. seriously, finding fuel takes alot of AP, even when there is a running genny (which of course attracts Zeds), and if you don't have freerunning then all your AP should be spent getting XP, not fuel. I think the MFD should consider this as a Malton-wide policy change.

Well, I hope this doesn't seem ungrateful, because I am glad you made this map. We have been dithering about making a UBP for a few weeks now, and your map finally got things jump started. Thanks again, Filbert the Vengeful. --TheBerts 03:41, 13 August 2006 (BST)


Vikermac, thanks for putting this plan up! I was just commenting in game that one was needed and intended to PM you on it. ;) If you wouldn't mind using the Barricade Plan Template though and moving the plan to the talk page for now, I'd be obliged. I'm trying to standardize the maps, and the discussion page is an easier place to review the initial plan. --Gilant talk|DEM 17:41, 17 August 2006 (BST)

The Mongolian Horde

Clancey Chaucer here from The Mongolian Horde. I accept your presence, yet you should really post on our forums to get the approval of the rest of The Golden Empire. Our forums are located at We look forward to a message from you through that medium soon. --Clancey Chaucer 10:00 WST 7 October 2006

Hi, I've made a response to your post. Please review it an consider our proposal. Hope to be seeing more of DEM soon. Take care ^.^ Our Boards


I've made a category for those brave survivors who put "love thy enemy" into practice in these harsh, harsh times. Buddhagazelle 01:15, 9 April 2007 (BST)Buddhagazelle

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