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Violet's Sandbox

Discuss this barricade plan in Talk:Eastonwood. All comments welcome.

Eastonwood Barricade Plan
30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
20 RP Ce W NT Lib
21 H (H) S (FS)
23 NT W (AR) FS
24 FS NT
25 Ch PD FC
26 H Ce Fa NT Fa PD
27 Fa FS (FS)
28 Lib
29 H

Unenterable Buildings
Extremely Heavily Barricaded Phone Mast
Enterable Buildings
Auto Shop Fire Station
Hospital NecroTech
Police Department School
Other VSB Buildings Unbarricaded Buildings
Other Locations
Street Monument
Cemetery Revivification Point

This is based on the Uniform Barricade Plan, where all resource buildings are to be at VSB+2, and all other buildings at EHB. Resource buildings to remain VSB include hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. The plan introduces the following exceptions: