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DK13's Post

Hey Zach, how has it been going? Thanks for your support in the effort, but unfortunately I have been attempting a peaceful negotiation on their website, which is ending up as hostility and blame placed on me. Before anything gets out of hand, I'd like everyone to know I had been at the Police Department for over 4 weeks, only attempting to enter the building. On the day I finally got inside, I check one last time, if there was any gang activity or their forums. I went on their website and asked how their current status was. I waited a few days, refreshing and checking up each day. I reported this to Axe Hack in request to alter the page. (Meanwhile all of my posts have been exceedingly peaceful, no smartass remarks or anything similar, as you have probably seen) Axe Hack gave me the O.K. and I con5tinued to do so. What is pretty funny is they rage at me for altering a page at a time much longer than it mattered. I suggest M.D.D. become cautious of DK13 as they are not even the slight bit sensitive, they attempted an emotional attack on me on their website. I do hope this conflict between Malton Safe Zone Security and M.D.D. does not harm our alliance in anyway shape or form. I do believe DK13 is now going to be killing me.

But I will not leave. I did not leave when zombies did the occasional drive by's on my building. I did not leave when survivors would purposely kill me. I did not even leave when Bad Attitude Kirsty attacked me in harassment which they already admitted to (I didn't see it as a real concern, I asked for it when I put it on the wiki). Malton Safe Zone Security will not be leaving, no matter what it takes. We are here to try and aid new survivors and keep them from leaving. I tell you what, my first day on this game, was the suckiest and worst day on here ever, and I bet it will stay that way.

Thank you for your time --Jerrack Malton Safe Zone Security 20:46, 14 March 2012 (UTC)

This Should Be Important...

Just thought I should note, on M.S.Z.S.'s discussion page I have noted claims and agressiveness DK13 has showed me, that you can't know about because you need an account on their forum. But they aren't friendly people as they like to speak in their discussion page. I do hope you enjoy taking a read at it, as I did take some time to type it up with all of it's facts. So it's there if you would like to read it.


--Jerrack Malton Safe Zone Security 12:49, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

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