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Hey Zack. Welcome to the wiki. I noticed you recently updated the Lukinswood recent news section with a table-style Necrotech report. Glad some others are taking some interest in Lukinswood but may I make some suggestions? The table you made isn't quite sized right nor does it give any reference point of the location it was taken. Might I suggest that you take screenshots of the scan and update User:NTScan/The Stagg Building (asuming that The Stagg Building was the NT you used). The instructioms for updating are on that page. I do like your idea of a table-style NTScan, however and I think it could be developed into something for those not able to do screenshots. Let me know if that is the case and I could help you improve on it. Thanks and again, welcome to the Urban Dead Wiki. ~Vsig.png 04:21, 11 April 2011

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